Useful Gift Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

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Seniors who live in assisted living may miss being in their own home. Giving them a thoughtful gift is a kind way to remind them that they are loved and provide them with items that they can use on a daily basis.

Food and Kitchen Supplies

Food and cooking supplies are awesome tools to give to someone who has their own kitchen or needs a gentle reminder to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods.

Refillable Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle is an inexpensive gift that can be customized to fit your friend or family member's style. This is a great gift for a senior who is not keen on drinking a ton of fluids, or forgets to have water and ends up dehydrated often. This is also a wonderful present for a senior who is environmentally conscious and wants to limit their disposable cup use.

Senior woman drinking from a water bottle


Blenders come in a variety of prices and are also available in lightweight single serving options. Blenders work well for seniors who enjoy smoothies, or for those who could use a little veggie or fruit boost in their diets. You can also spend some time together coming up with fun smoothie recipes to try when you visit.

Culinary Adventure

Those in assisted living may not get to go out to restaurants as much as they'd like to. Treat your friend or family member to a personal chef for a day, week, or even a month. There are tons of personal chefs at varying price points that can offer your friend or family member a customized and special experience.

Fun Gifts

To help your friend or family member stay mentally sharp and organized you can think about giving them fun tools and supplies.

Personalized Gardening Pots

In some assisted living programs, residents are allowed to spend some time gardening. Hanging out in the fresh air is a good mood booster and can be very grounding. You can decoupage a few pots with meaningful images. Your friend or family member can then plant a flower or herb and watch it blossom in their custom pot. Small gardening supplies make for a great gift that don't take up much space and encourage spending time outside which can positively impact their wellbeing.

Reflection Scrap Book

In assisted living programs there are often rooms where residents can spend some time unwinding and participating in creative activities. Those who are in assisted living programs may begin to reflect on end-of-life needs and seek closure on poignant life memories. Materials and supplies that allow them to process their experiences and create a physical manifestation of their special moments can be incredibly comforting and meaningful to them. A large scrap book, crafting supplies that are easy to hold and use, as well as stickers and labels can help them create this special reflection book.

senior woman using an adult coloring book

Cute Organizing Boxes or Bins

To give their bedroom an organized and homey feel, you can purchase them some cute boxes and bins in various sizes. These can be plain or patterned and can be selected based on their style. These can be used in drawers, placed under their bed, and used in general to keep their room and bathroom tidy.

Comforting Presents

Presents that provide a warm and fuzzy feeling can make anyone in an assisted living program feel loved and cared for. Pick something that you think they will find helpful.

Back Cushion

A nice back cushion can provide a ton of comfort to your friend or family member in assisted living. This is a great gift for someone who uses a wheelchair, or who tends to get sore while seated.

Soft comfortable back pillow with gel

Personalized Phone or Computer Case

If your friend or family member uses their phone or computer often, you can order a custom case for them with an image of their choice. Ask them what some of their favorite pictures are and choose one to use for the case. This way they'll have a reminder of a cherished memory every time they use their device.

Hair Stylist

Many people in assisted living either forget or are physically unable to make it out to get their hair cut and treated. Hire a stylist to come and surprise them with some pampering. Even if they don't want a haircut, it's always nice to have someone shampoo and condition your hair. Males can also get their facial hair professionally maintained.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can be helpful gifts for anyone who has a bit of anxiety or has difficulty sleeping. They can be purchased online or in stores in a variety of sizes and colors.

Mattress Heater

If your loved one or friend tends to get chilly at night, a mattress heater can be an awesome gift to get them. These come with many features, options, and at a variety of prices. They are also super easy to set up. This works especially well in temperature-controlled living spaces where your friend or family member's room may have a set temperature making it a bit chilly.

Picking The Most Useful Gift

If your friend or family member ever mentions any complaints or needs, pay attention. These little hints can help you find the perfect gift for them.

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Useful Gift Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living