Family Poems to a Grandmother

granddaughter hugging grandma

Family poems for your grandma give your gift a personalized touch that can't be found anywhere else. These poems come from the heart and are cherished by your grandmother. Take a moment to share some of your precious memories for your grandmother through a sonnet or two.

Special Sentiments for Grandmother: Sample Poems

If you need some inspiration, take a look at these poems for grandmothers before writing your own.

Family Tapestry

Shared and woven into the family tapestry

the stories of our lives entwine,

Told and retold around holiday dinners and family reunions,

Grandmother, the centerpiece of our lives,

She's the thread that weaves us all together and holds us tight

with an endless strength of faith and love.

Cherished Moments

At times, grandmother seems like a mystical creature born of a fairy tale,

All knowing and wise, she sees into our daily lives,

A wizard at games,

A magician with meals,

A pied piper of children,

An animal Whisperer

and a Jill of all trades,

Whenever we're lost

she's the beacon of light that guides us all home, once more.

Special Touch

Grandmother, we appreciate you,

Grandma with Twins

Because of you

each day is a little brighter,

The sun shines a little warmer,

Foods tastes better

and life is simply sweeter,

You bind us together with love and devotion,

This family you created with such tender loving care,

We want you to know how much you mean

to each and everyone of us,

And, especially that we cherish you

every moment of every day!

A Heartfelt Poem for Grandmother

We don't always take the time to say

the things we feel, Grandmother,

But these are a few that we want you to know

and hope that they are things we often show,

You are so special to our family, Grandmother,

You make us whole,

Your love is our cornerstone that keeps us grounded,

Your smile is a touchstone that gives us hope,

Your voice is the music that fills our hearts,

And, your wisdom keeps us from straying where we should not go,

We hope you know how special you are to us,

Our lives would be so incomplete without you here

to show us the meaning of love and devotion.

And, this is what we wanted to say,

We love you, Grandmother, forever and always.

For Grandchildren: Poems to Grandmother

If you have children, you may need a poem for them to give grandmother that is light-hearted and fun. Try something that isn't a typical grandparent and grandchild poem. Children love stories, and a tiny tale about looking for grandma is sure to be a fun treat and one that even grandmother will enjoy!

What Happened to Grandma?

We open the door, but grandma's not here!

Grandma and Grandchildren

We miss her big smile, and call out her name

but are greeted with scents from the kitchen, instead,

Fresh cookies straight from the oven

a roast still cooking

and an apple pie cooling,

Our tummies rumble

as we run to the kitchen

but stop in our tracks

'cause Grandma is missing,

Through the kitchen window

we see

laundry flapping on the clothesline

chickens pecking in the yard

but, still there's no Grandma!

Her cats are mewing

and her puppy is whining,

The table is set, ready for dining,

But where in the world is Grandma?

She's not under the bed

or lounging instead,

She's not by the pond

or out waving her wand,

So, where did grandma go?

Does anyone know?

A horn from the road

draws us outside

and, out from a car steps our dear Grandma,

Holding a bag, waving goodbye

as her friend drives off in a puff of dust,

Grandma is home and we're all so relieved,

We scream her name and run to greet her,

Oh, so grateful that grandma is home.

Choosing Poems for Family Sentiments

When you choose a poem or decide to write one to express how your family unit feels about grandmother, think about the many emotions that fill your heart whenever you stop to think about your grandmother. These are the things that can inspire you as you create your poem, and she'll be very pleased and touched by the thought you put into it and the effort you made. If you need more writing inspiration, read through some Grandparents' Day poems before composing your own.

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Family Poems to a Grandmother