55+ Communities in Phoenix, AZ That Fit Your Life

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Warm and sunny Arizona is well-known for its beautiful landscapes and native history, but perhaps it's less known for its impressive retirement communities. The birthplace of the retirement community in the United States, there are dozens of 55+ communities in Phoenix, Arizona for interested seniors to tour and explore to their hearts' content. Take a look at just some of the excitement awaiting you in Phoenix, Arizona.

Retirement Home Communities

As you plan out where you'd like to spend the retirement phase of your life, you'll have to decide whether you want to keep the size of your family home, or if you want to downsize. If you're attached to the conventional single-family home lifestyle, then you'll want to check out these 55+ communities in the Phoenix area:

Sun City

Sun City was the first retirement community in the United States. Opened in 1960, this residential experiment came off the heels of successful suburbs like Levittown, and now boasts about 26,000 homes on its land. Among the many amenities it offers includes eight golf courses, 30 churches, a synagogue, an on-site hospital, seven recreation centers, and multiple fishing lakes. It's prime location sets it just a short distance from the Challenger Space Center, Arizona State University, and the Wildlife World Zoo.

Many retirees in the area are particularly interested in Sun City because of its low property taxes. However, you shouldn't look into moving into this community if you don't have an appreciation for mid-century modern architecture, as all of their homes remain the original houses built in the 1960s and 1970s. To answer any of your questions or inquiries, you can contact their staff at 623-561-4600.

Sun City. Phoenix

Pebble Creek

Pebble Creek is another great option for retirees looking to move in the Phoenix area. With homes ranging from $380,000 to $800,000, this gated community is best suited for people with a lot of expendable income/investments. Focused on embodying their luxury status, Pebble Creek boasts both indoor and outdoor pools, a clubhouse with a small Renaissance theater inside, two golf courses, a creative arts center, and a dog park, just to name a few of their draws.

To make your decision even easier, Pebble Creek offers virtual purchasing options for their homes, as well as an online chat function to have all of your questions answered right away. You can also call them at 800-732-9949.

Apartment Communities

If you're not interested in maintaining the same amount of space that you've previously had in your house, you can save money by looking into retirement communities that offer apartment-style living. Here are a few options of these communities that are scattered throughout the Phoenix area.

Zen Senior Living

The Zen Senior Living community offers both one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, with easy access to Highway 51. They offer short-term leasing, so they're a perfect choice for people who aren't sure if they're ready to commit to a specific community. Equipped with a fitness center, courtyard, and clubhouse, the Zen Senior Living community doesn't let its residents go too long without a little fun.

Zen Senior Living is also one of the only 55+ senior communities in Phoenix that explicitly mentions their disability access for both their apartments and their communal spaces. Elevator access provides added convenience for their residents. They are also pet-friendly with a few breed restrictions, and pets cannot be larger than 20 pounds. To answer any of your questions or inquiries, you can contact them at 602-635-1455

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Phoenix Manor

Phoenix Manor is another excellent 55+ community located in Phoenix, Arizona that offers apartment-style housing. Unlike some of the other apartment communities available, Phoenix Manor has studio apartments, as well as one-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans, making it a great option for people who only want a small space.

Their location boasts a heated (year-round) swimming pool, jacuzzi, clubhouse, auditorium, two dog parks, and a putting green. Their faculty hosts fun community events like bingo, karaoke, and exercise classes to bring all of the residents together under their shared interests. For more information about Phoenix Manor and the housing they offer, you can contact them at 602-272-0496.

Westgate Village

Westgate Village rests in Glendale, within 30 minutes of downtown Phoenix. This community also offers apartment-style housing to its 55+ residents. As with the Zen Senior Living Community, Westgate Village includes wheelchair accessible units that come with features like walk-in tubs, to accommodate people of all levels of ability. Their community is brought together through shared spaces like a bistro area, a chapel, on-site barber, a beauty salon, and game room.

Interestingly, Westgate Village's website takes care to note that they offer their residents options to partner with third-party health care and personal care providers affiliated with the community. This is so their residents can "obtain similar services as they would in a higher level of care like assisted living" so they don't have to give up "the independence, warm community of friends, and fun-loving atmosphere they enjoy so much." So, if you're struggling to find a senior community in the Phoenix area that can support your medical care needs, look into Westgate Village. To answer all of your questions, you can contact the staff at 623-233-0425.

Madison Meadows Retirement Community

The pet-friendly Madison Meadows Retirement Community located in Phoenix, is another wonderful apartment-style senior community for retirees in Arizona to check out. Rent includes not only the cost of most utilities and Wi-Fi but also weekly housekeeping, meaning you get to kick back and relax in a way you probably haven't in years.

Similarly, the community offers a variety of amenities, like a beauty salon and barber, game room, library, computer room, billiard lounge, laundry room, and multiple pieces of fitness equipment. These apartments at Madison Meadows will probably bring you back to your joyful days of early apartment living mixed with the on-campus revelry of university life. Contact Madison Meadows at 602-483-6461.

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Home Sweet Home Is Waiting

Moving is always a daunting prospect, and there is a sense of finality that comes with looking into retirement communities. However, you deserve to give yourself the most enjoyable retirement life that you can possibly find. For many, that's moving into a community of people all seeking camaraderie and companionship at this next stage in their life. So, if you're in the Phoenix area, take a look at any of these 55+ communities and see which one of them feels like home.

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