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Article Highlight: Great-Grandparents and Their Unique Role in the Family

As children, great grandparents often seem like these larger-than-life figures, the folkloric heroes in tales of a time that has long since passed. If you're lucky enough to have great grandparents that live… Keep reading »

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Being a grandparent is one of the most rewarding components of the human experience. Loving your child's child exposes a person to a whole new level of adoration that they never thought possible. Becoming a grandparent is exciting, joyful, and a brand new adventure that you might need a bit of help first navigating.

Introducing the New You as Grandparents

Up until your grandbaby is born, you are simply mom and dad. When the little one arrives, you get a whole new identity and a new name. What will your little grandchild call you when he/she begins to babble away? The possibilities are endless! Dream up a few choices for your new name as a grandparent, but do not be surprised if your grandkid comes up with something entirely different someday. Aside from the formal name that you will now go by, consider some fun nicknames for grandmas and grandpas that kids can use when they are spending time with their beloved grandparents.

Ways to Spend Time With Your Grandkids

Many grandparents truly believe that being a grandma or grandpa is far better than being an actual parent! There are so many fun things to do with your dear little ones - anything from reading books together, to crafting, to getting outdoors and exploring is fair game. While you do not need a special day to dedicate to yourself and your grandkids, many folks utilize Grandparents Day to engage in fun activities and crafts with family.

Some extended family lives nearby while other families are scattered across the globe. Living apart from grandchildren can be taxing on the heart, but thankfully with technology and creativity, grandkids and grandparents can stay connected no matter where they live. You may not be able to hold your babies tight physically, but you can always give them a virtual hug. With technology, grandparents can take part in birthday parties, graduation parties, and just about any other imaginable celebration, whether they are near or far.

Thoughtful Gifts for Grandparents

In truth, grandparents run on cuddles and love, but sometimes kids and grandkids want to give grandpa and grandma something unique and special. The key to a perfect grandparent gift is thoughtfulness. Choose special poems or well-thought-out cards to help highlight how much your grandparent means to you. Grandparents often appreciate handmade items that took time and effort to create. A grandparent who seems to have everything can be difficult to buy for. Think outside of the box and consider gifting an event or supporting a hobby of theirs as a means of gift-giving.

When Things Don't Go as Planned

Everyone wants their family to experience a happily ever after, but sometimes things simply do not go according to plan. Families dissolve and grandparents and their grandkids can lose contact as parents navigate divorce and separation. Knowing how to remain in a grandkid's life following a breakup is key. Joining a support group so that you can cope with your feelings and help your children and grandchildren cope with theirs might be helpful for some families.

Other grandparents find themselves raising their grandkids when their children cannot. No one hopes for this situation to occur, but in the event that it does, grandparents need to know their legal rights.

You Are Important!

It is true. As the grandparent or great-grandparent, you are the pillar of the family and have so much to offer the generations that follow. Grandparents teach their grandkids about familial heritage and cultural values, they preserve stories, ideologies, and ways of life. They guide, love, and advise their grandkids, providing a varying perspective from that of mom and dad. Grandparenting is a mesh of fun and responsibility that most seniors are more than happy to take on.

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