Easter Ideas for Seniors

Planting flowers at Easter

There are many Easter ideas for seniors to celebrate this holiday. Keep in mind that you don't have to do anything elaborate, but that even a simple gesture is a great way to mark the passing of this holiday. Also, remember that for many people Easter is celebrated over a period of a few days leading up to Easter Sunday.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts for seniors should be easy and simple. Seniors can participate in egg decorating by coloring designs on eggs or using plastic eggs and adding stickers or glitter glue and putting candy inside. After all the eggs have been colored, the eggs can be gathered and donated to a preschool or community organization for a children's Easter egg hunt. In this way, seniors get to participate in a nostalgic tradition. Making Easter baskets is another way to celebrate the season, as well as baking and sharing Easter cookies.

  • Tip: After making baskets or crafts at a senior center, designate a table to display the creations. You could even have a contest for the best crafts, using several different categories.

Church or Songs

Many seniors may be interested in going to a church service. Services may be available at a variety of times between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. If you are unable to go to church, offer services or music at the senior center. Seniors might enjoy a special day of listening to the piano, hearing Easter songs from the past, or participating in singing. You can also read a traditional Easter poem or publish a whimsical poem in a newsletter for seniors.

  • Tip: Easter songs that seniors may remember include "Easter Parade." Try a CD by various artists, such as Happy Easter Songs.

Symbolic Celebrations

There are a lot of simple but meaningful gestures that seniors will appreciate for the Easter season. If the senior is in a nursing home, buy an Easter lily as a gift to put into a window. This flower symbolizes hope and life and is connected to the Easter festival. You can also give seeds, or plant flowers with the senior to mark the beginning of spring or go on a bird watching field trip. Candles can also be lit as symbols of new life and rebirth.

  • Tip: Ask the senior what he or she might enjoy as a symbolic way to honor the Easter holiday.

Why Celebrate Easter?

No matter what the background of the senior, there are likely Easter memories just waiting to be evoked. Celebrating Easter is a great way to reminisce about the past and welcome a new season.

Easter Ideas for Seniors