Daycare for the Elderly in Newtown, PA

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Are you seeking options for adult daycare for the elderly in Newtown, PA? If so, rest assured that Newtown has several choices for seniors to receive adult day care for a few hours or an entire day on a regular basis.

What Is Daycare for the Elderly?

Elderly daycare is a cost-effective way to provide care to seniors who need assistance during daytime hours, but are not ready to live in a nursing home. Especially helpful for loved ones who might feel burdened, this option keeps seniors in the company of family and friends longer, usually with less of a financial burden. If a family member is providing in-home care, but also works outside the home or needs breaks, elderly daycare may be the answer. This situation allows seniors who have health problems such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease to be provided meals, companionship, and medical care at home.

Daycare for the Elderly in Newtown, PA

Here are some options for finding elderly daycare in and around Newtown, PA:

Chandler Hall

This is a private, nonprofit nursing home with an array of services and Quaker values. It offers a healthy environment for seniors, including Adult Day Health Programs, access to an aquatic center, and personal care options. Even though the organization primarily offers nursing home care, there are also home health care options at a person's own home. Located in Newtown, additional details about home health care through Chandler Hall are available by calling (215) 860-4000, Ext. 1406.

Other Places Near Newtown, PA

Whether you need daycare for the elderly in Newtown, PA, or traditional nursing home services, there are a lot of choices in this area. Here are a few more:

  • SarahCare is an adult day care center located in Jenkintown. Call (215) 663-8090.
  • Rockhill Mennonite Community has adult day services and is located in Sellersville. Call (215) 257-2751.

Other Ways to Find Elderly Daycare

  • Talk to your family doctor
  • Ask local senior centers for referrals
  • Look in the phone book under Senior Services, Adult Daycare, or Eldercare Home Health Services. You may even be able to find a nurse in the phonebook who specializes in elderly daycare.
  • Check out the Eldercare Locator, which can point you to state and local agencies in Newton, PA, or any community.
  • Ask for referrals from friends or coworkers who have aging family members.

Help Is Worthwhile

Help is worthwhile not only from the perspective of the caregiver receiving relief but also from the perspective of the senior who needs care. Peace of mind comes from knowing that, because of daycare senior services, your loved one's chances of having an accident are reduced, not to mention that forgetting to take medication will become impossible. In this way, elderly daycare can improve the quality of life of both the senior and the senior's caregiver(s).

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Daycare for the Elderly in Newtown, PA