Centers for Elderly People in the Salinas Valley

Woman with Support Care
Woman with Support Care

As you grow older, sometimes you need a little extra help. This could just be cooking and cleaning or a full-service facility. Whatever your needs, Salinas Valley offers a variety of senior centers. These centers for the elderly in Salinas Valley provide much-needed aid for those who are trying to care for an aging relative and also provide the support that aging seniors recognize they need for day-to-day living.

About Salinas Valley

The climate in Salinas Valley is perfect for flourishing vineyards and other agriculturally based businesses. Average year-round temperatures of 68 degrees also make Salinas Valley an attractive place for people to retire. Along with the weather, medical services offered through two county hospitals located within the city make the area an attractive option for seniors. Aside from the hospitals, Salinas has residential retirement resources and convalescent homes.

Centers for Elderly People in the Salinas Valley

When seniors reach the point in life where they realize they need help with day-to-day living, an assisted care facility or in-home program are attractive options for more than one reason. First, care is provided and tends to cost less than nursing home care. Second, assisted living gives seniors a sense of independence balanced with supervision, companionship and the help they need to live an enjoyable life.

People who have settled in Salinas Valley for their golden years, and who are contemplating the need for assistance, will find they have a selection of quality centers for elderly people in the Salinas Valley from which to choose.

Prunedale Senior Center

The Prunedale Senior Center is situated in Salinas and is located nearby the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. This assisted living facility features apartment-style housing that affords residents a measure of privacy and independence with the assistance they need for daily living. Seniors who prefer being a part of a smaller group enjoy living here as part of a micro-community. This community atmosphere encourages the building of relationships as residents enjoy activities together. Services provided at the center include:

  • Apartment-style living quarters
  • Meal preparation
  • Housekeeping
  • Assistance with medications
  • Laundry service
  • Regular check-in on residents

For people who aren't quite ready to make the step from living in their own home to moving into an assisted living facility, Prunedale Senior Center also offers in-home care. In-home services range from medical care to furnishing custodial care providers who can help seniors with day-to-day functioning. In-home services include help with:

  • Bathing
  • Bill paying
  • Companionship
  • Dressing
  • Emotional support
  • Making appointments
  • Meal preparation
  • Transportation

Hope Services Portola Center

The Hope Services Portola Center is another facility in the Salinas Valley. Their services center on adult day care activities at the center facility or in the home. They offer programs and social services to seniors who are mentally, physically or functionally impaired. This includes day care for seniors with Alzheimer's. Programs and services are designed to create an environment that engages participants and provides much-needed companionship under necessary supervision.

Hope Services Portola Center's in-home services fall into two categories:

  • Skilled - medical in nature
  • Custodial - non-medical such as help with bathing, meals, etc.

Salinas Senior Center

The Salinas Senior Center is another in-home care provider that offers around-the-clock service for skilled or custodial support in the home. Service providers often provide extended services, which include things like help with transportation or paying bills.

Svs Marina Adult Day Program

The Svs Marina Adult Day Program is located just eight miles outside Salinas. As their name suggests, services include adult day care within the facility. They also offer in-home care services of a skilled or custodial nature.

Senior Centers a Viable Option

Senior centers offer the elderly a place to engage with their peers, stay active and remain as independent as possible, or stay at home and live in the comfort of all that is familiar with just the right touch of assistance. Some may choose to spend the day at the center and then return to their own home. Taking advantage of the programs and services available is a smart option for those who aren't ready for a nursing home but recognize that they need help in different areas of life.

Check with individual centers regarding specific services and payment options and take the time to make an unannounced visit to be sure the center is all you hope it to be.

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Centers for Elderly People in the Salinas Valley