Arizona Golf Retirement Communities to Consider

Relaxing at the golf course

For years, you've dreamed about spending your retirement years on the green working on your backswing. Living or vacationing in an Arizona golf retirement community is one of the perks of being a retired senior who is free to travel and stay active. Now, find the perfect place for you.

Heading South

Many seniors live in warmer places in the winter mouths, such as Arizona, Florida, Texas and California. They might spend half the year in a resort destination and the remainder of the time in their hometown. This is definitely one of the greatest benefits of the golden years and something to consider doing yourself if you don't already have such a lifestyle. It helps to have a motor home or savings for a second home to live this lifestyle. Many seniors also move to resort communities full-time and enjoy the variety of activities year-round.

Arizona Golf Retirement Community

If you are looking for an established Arizona golf retirement community, there are a lot of choices for the over-fifty crowd. Here are a few popular options:

Benefits to Seniors

The benefits of living in an Arizona golf retirement community are numerous. These include:

  • Activities: Living in this environment can help keep you active, social and healthy. When a golf game is as simple as stepping out your front door, you are more likely to do it often and invite friends to join you.
  • Climate: Most seniors appreciate living in a warmer climate. Getting out of the house regularly, the ease of driving without snowy conditions and having lots of sunlight can improve your mood and help an aging body feel more youthful.
  • Happiness: Feeling like you're on an endless vacation can help boost mental health and ward off depression.

Drawbacks to Seniors

While a vacation lifestyle sounds appealing, there are also some drawbacks to living in a golf community.

  • Expense: It can be costly to live in a vacation destination, afford a motor home, maintain a second home or move across the country.
  • Social ties: It can be hard to be new to a community or to leave your hometown for part of the year. It is possible to make new friends and grow your network, but it takes time, energy and effort.
  • Health care: Being away from your regular doctor can be risky. Maintaining two or three doctors over a few states can also get confusing, especially if you are suddenly hit with a serious medical issue.

Choosing the Right Place

Be sure to do your research when considering golf retirement communities in Arizona, or anywhere in the warmer states. Know your budget and don't be afraid to ask questions about hidden costs. In the best-case scenario, you will be able to find a place that meets all your needs at a price you can afford.

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Arizona Golf Retirement Communities to Consider