How to Find Senior Travel Companions

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Senior travel companions can offer help with transportation to the airport, carrying luggage, as well as with acts of daily living if needed. Senior travel companions are a great option for anyone who still wants to travel but could use a little extra assistance getting to their destination. Senior groups also offer great services for anyone who is able to travel alone, but wants the company of other solo travelers.

Senior Travel Companions Offer Assistance

Finding a solid senior travel companion can feel like a daunting task. There are some great services out there that offer several options for seniors who would like a companion to join them during their travels for company as well as assistance with dressing, bathing, medication reminders, and possibly even dementia care. Depending on preference, you can look into groups geared towards single or solo travelers, or a companion who is there with you during the entire travel process.

Hire a Senior Travel Companion

Senior travel companions can assist loved ones in getting to family events, important get togethers, and vacations that would otherwise be challenging. Depending on the company, a senior travel companion will assist with the traveling arrangements to and from the destination, and can also help throughout the entire course of the trip.

First Light Home Care

First Light Home Care offers senior travel companions who are trained to assist with medication management, travel arrangements, bathing, dressing, feeding, and general hygiene. Pricing is based on an hourly rate and depends on which services are selected as well as location. To get a quote, simply fill out a quick form ticking off your specific needs. This service works well for seniors who want help during the entire traveling process, and who may or may not need help throughout the trip. Because services can be tailored to your specific needs, this is a great, flexible option for any senior who feels overwhelmed traveling.

Senior Travel Companion Services

Senior Travel Companion Services offers help with trip planning, travel companionship, travel escorting, and support to those who have Alzheimer's, limited mobility, and vision and hearing loss. Carol, the company owner and travel companion is a caregiver and former lawyer with around 35 years of caregiving experience. The site notes that they are able to work with your budget and plan according to your needs whether you want a trip escort or someone to stay with you throughout your travels.

Flying Companions

If you are interested in just having assistance with airfare travel without any added care on your trip, Flying Companions is a great option. They offer support to seniors who have travel anxiety, have difficulties carrying luggage or using the restroom, or would just like someone to accompany them during the flight. This option is not a good choice for seniors who also would like assistance during their trip, although it can be used as an adjunct service along with a caregiver.

Join a Travel Group

Travel groups are a great option for those who do not want or need a travel buddy to accompany them on the flight to their destination, but prefer to be in a group of like-minded individuals who are interested in exploring a new location with other solo travelers. Groups work best for those who do not need assistance with acts of daily living, but who prefer to travel with others instead of taking a trip alone.

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Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure Travel allows you to sign up for small group tours and travel with the same group of people throughout your entire trip. You can also opt into their small ship adventure and stay with the same people on your boat throughout your travels. This works well for people who want some freedom during their trip to do some activities solo, but also have the option to stay with their group the whole time. They also have an option for solo travel where you will be assigned to a group of eight to 16 other solo adventurers. The site also notes that the majority of solo travelers tend to be women.

Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad is a great option for seniors who want to meet others of similar age and travel together in small groups. Trips are rated on a scale of physicality so you can pick an adventure based on your physical activity preferences. Trips range from one week to several weeks and groups travel all around the world.

Ways to Meet a Travel Companion In-Person

If you don't want to meet someone through another company and prefer to let it happen organically, you have several options when looking for a travel companion.

Join an Interest or Hobby Group

Interest or hobby groups are a great way to meet and connect with similar others. You may meet someone who you hit it off with and who you can see being a great travel companion. Get to know them a bit and ask if they'd be interested in travelling with you. If not, there will be plenty of other individuals in the group who you can ask. You can also opt to make an announcement at the beginning of the group or send a group email to everyone to see if anyone is intrigued by your travel plans.

Have Friends Set You Up

Let your friends know that you are interested in finding a travel companion and see if they know of someone in their circle who would be interested in joining you. Putting the word out with friends opens up many doors for potential travel companions and chances are someone will know of a friend, or a friend of a friend who is interested.

Get Recommendations From a Travel Agent

If you are working with a travel agent to plan your trip, you can let them know that you are interested in finding someone to travel with. Your agent can keep an eye out and notify you if they begin working with someone in a similar situation or if they know of someone who may be interested in joining you.

Find the Right Match

When it comes to traveling you want to make sure that whoever you go with is someone you are compatible with. Before you make any plans, be sure to ask questions about:

  • Their activity level and preferences
  • Their ideal day
  • Whether they prefer to be scheduled or go with the flow
  • What their morning and evening routine looks like
  • If they prefer to stay in or go out in the evenings
  • How much time they'd like to spend with you on the trip versus alone
  • Their motivation for traveling

Similar to dating, finding a travel companion that works well with your needs can be a bit tricky. Even if you are hiring someone to go with you, it's best to make sure that the chemistry is right beforehand.

Select Your Best Travel Companion

Think about your needs, or the needs of your loved one as you plan your upcoming trip. If you or your loved one needs any extra help with acts of daily living, hiring a senior travel companion is a great option for taking a trip. If you plan on traveling without any additional assistance but still would enjoy the company of other seniors, joining a senior travel group is a great option for you.

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