Gallery of Phrases to Celebrate Turning 50

The Big 5-0!

Turning 50 phrases are great sayings for parties or written inside a funny birthday card.

The Big 5-0!

Have a happy birthday on the big 5-0!

What a Choice

OK, I need to know if half a century or five decades sounds better.

Did You Have a Pet Dinosaur?

When you are fifty be ready for kids to ask you how old you were when you got your first pet dinosaur.

49 Maybe

There's no way you're fifty. You could be 49 ½ but definitely not fifty.

Experience Counts

No, I'm really only 21. I count the other 29 years as experience.

Turning 50 Phrases

You better believe that fifty is nifty!

Always Time for a Nap

Now that I'm fifty I never pass up the chance for a nap.

Shortcuts Are Great

When I was in my 40s I jogged a couple of miles each day and now I take all the shortcuts.

Recount Please

There is no way I am fifty! I think we better have a recount.

Aged to Perfection

The only time age matters is if you are a bottle of wine or a cheese! Happy 50th Birthday!

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Gallery of Phrases to Celebrate Turning 50