Inspiring Teacher Retirement Poems

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Teacher retirement poems celebrate a lifetime of service and dedication. Teachers are integral to the learning experience of all children. These professionals influence dozens of children every year. An elementary school teacher who puts in 30 years of service will have the potential to directly impact 900 or more children throughout a career.

Recognize the Dedication

Teachers are among the most fundamentally necessary and fundamentally underappreciated class of worker in the country. In order to teach in U.S. schools, a teacher must achieve a bare minimum a Bachelor's Degree with teacher's certification. The average public school teacher will achieve their Master's in a specialty within the first decade they are teaching.

People who want to teach on the college or university level are required to achieve a Master's and eventually PhD. A career in teaching is a commitment to lifelong education, lifelong patience and lifelong creativity. Teachers inspire, create, devote, explore and reveal to their students. They provide their students with the tour guide to their futures.

About Teacher Retirement Poems

Teachers help children discover the wonderful world of books, reveal the mysteries of math, untangle the web of history or behol the wonders of science. When a favorite teacher of yours or your child's is preparing to retire, you want to honor them. A retirement poem is one way to demonstrate your feelings. It can be serious or funny or somewhere in between.

You can create your own poem or encourage your child to create a poem. A simple one such as:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

My school has the best teacher

And that would be you

By Cassidy (Age 8)

This poem looks at a teacher who teaches a very specific subject:

History's mysteries left me with brain blisters

Mr. Smith worked tirelessly to make order from chaos

He taught me how to delve into the twisters

Mr. Smith made history fun and on this award I emboss

By Brock (Age 12)

This poem mingles the longer form of prose with poetry:

Dear Mrs. Heard,

You heard me when no one else listened

You read what no one else saw

You asked instead of assuming

My understanding of grammar you broadened

The frozen tundra of ignorance you began to thaw

I own you for every act of writing

You solved the mystery of grammar, of adverb, adjective and dangling participle

It's so hard to believe that before you, I was constantly baffled.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Particularly since I spent so many years with the horse in front of the cart!

By Andrea (Age 18)

Retirement Poetry Sources

Writing your own poetry can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like to make it. You can visit any of the sites below for inspiration. Rhyming verse is not always necessary, nor is meter. There are many different styles of poetry. Do not feel bound by literary conventions. Instead, always write your poetry from the heart. Whether you engrave the poetry on a plaque or write it long hand in a card, your teacher will appreciate the thought every bit as much as the words.

  • Poem Source - You can find free poems for teachers to show them appreciation whether for the year they are teaching or for all the years they taught.
  • Teacher's Day This site offers a lot of information on teacher resources including poems that celebrate teachers including an example for a teacher's retirement.
  • Poems to Go This site offers customizable poems. You provide the information and the poets create a unique poem for the retiring teacher.
Inspiring Teacher Retirement Poems