Flattering Ideas for Plump Senior Woman

Make the Most of Your Curves


Are you a plump elderly woman? Are you carrying a little extra weight around the hips or middle? Don't hide your curves; embrace them! Modern hair cuts and youthful styles help seniors make the most of their pleasantly plump body.

If you are less than thrilled with your curvy figure, becoming more active can help you slim down while having a great time. It's truly a win-win situation!

Plump Elderly Woman Fashion


Use vibrant colors in flattering shades to make the most of your assets. A bold necklace draws the eye up and away from problem areas.

Use Accessories to Advantage


A jaunty beret is fun and youthful. Scarves, hats, belts, and jewelry are other accessories that effectively camouflage unwanted curves. Fun, funky, or fabulous shoes are another great way to add youth and excitement to your look.

Dress for Your Shape


Apple shaped women, or those who carry their extra weight in the mid-section, look best in tops that draw the eye away from the stomach. V-necks serve that purpose well. Bold prints are also a good choice.

Spend Time Outdoors


Embrace life! Whether you are a plump elderly woman or are rail thin, life is meant to be enjoyed. Get outdoors, spend time in the sun, and exercise as much as possible. The better you feel, the better you will look.

Casual Summer Favorites


Simple khaki shorts and a polo top is a timeless outfit that flatters any shape and size. Spend time near the water as a restful and relaxing pastime.

The Art of Makeup


Artfully applied makeup and professionally colored hair accentuate beautiful eyes. Figure out your best features and play them up. If you have beautiful cheekbones, learn to apply blush like an expert.

Be Happy


Few things are as attractive as a happy person! Regardless of size or shape, embrace your inner beauty. Your inner radiace will shine through and make you effortlessly more attractive. So... smile!

Diet Matters


"Diet" is not about weight loss; it's about how you eat on a daily basis. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods is a great start to a healthy way of eating. You'll feel healthier and more vibrant, and you'll lose weight with very little effort.

Drinking water is another simple, painless way to get healthier and eat less. If you regularly consume coffee or sodas, even diet ones, start replacing some of your drinks with water. You'll curb your appetite naturally!

Find an Exercise Buddy


If you decide to start an exercise, diet, or walking program, buddy up. Your chances of succeeding go up instantly when you enlist the help of a partner. Having someone to cheer you up, encourage you, and even get tough on you as needed can be the difference between success and failure. So, enlist your spouse, friend, or neighbor to be your health buddy.

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Flattering Ideas for Plump Senior Woman