Senior Men's Hair Style Pictures

A Sophisticated Look

Senior men's hair styles may not be as versatile as women's hair styles, but they can be just as stylish. There's no need to have a $9 trim the same way each time. Try a different part, fluff up the front, or even add a bit of color to enhance your best features.

With a bit of length, try this back sweep. If your white hair doesn't have this luster, go to a professional stylist for a rinse that may help.

Easy Care

Actors such as Telly Savalas and Patrick Stewart accentuated their best features with a smooth top, and you can too. Hair care doesn't get easier than this! If you have to shave your head, use special creams to avoid irritation.

Thin but Stylish

Smooth domes are popular, but if you want to keep some hair and it's thinning, try a closer cut and comb it forward for a different look.

Trim and Tidy

A close cut and a trim beard draw attention to the jawline.

A Little Off the Sides

If your hairline is receding, keep the top and sides trimmed for a nice clean look.

Part on the Side

One of the easiest ways to update senior men's hair styles is to change the part of your hair to add a bit of fullness to the top and sides.

Waves of Style

Still have the thick, wavy hair you had as a young man? Then leave some length to let those waves add a new dimension to your look.

Tame Unruly Hair

Some men have thicker, coarser hair as they age, but with a close cut like this, you'll have little-to-no maintenance.

White Looks Nice

Many women would love to have such a bright white! So keep some length and be proud of the color.

Add Some Color

It doesn't matter if your hair color and beard color are different. So if you have a smattering of gray in your beard but still want darker hair, men's coloring products are inexpensive and easy to apply.

Formed Waves

Accentuate the natural waves in your hair with a sleek cut and styling products that keep the look smooth.

Casual Style

This style can be dressed up or down to suit your purpose.

A Different Dimension

If you want a close cut with a twist, leave a little on the front and add styling gel for lift.

Traditional Style

Here's a look that's professional, easy to care for, and attractive on anyone.

Senior men's hair styles don't have to be complicated or involve a lot of fussy gels and sprays. But, if you've been going to a barber all these years with the same old cut, try a stylist for a couple of months for something new. Then, you can go back to your barber and ask him to reproduce the look.

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Senior Men's Hair Style Pictures