Where to Find Short Quotes for Seniors

Mom and kids looking for a senior quote online

Are you looking for short senior quotes to use on something special for your loved one? Learn how to find the perfect quotation online in this article.

Using Short Senior Quotes

Sometimes when you have a hard time putting your feelings into words or you just want to find the perfect saying to make a loved one smile, quotations can give you exactly what you need. Use them in many different ways to show the person you care about how much he or she means to you.

Here are some ideas on how you can use quotations.

  • Cards
  • Letters
  • Engraved on something special
  • Personalized throw/blanket
  • Jewelry
  • Wall plaque
  • Picture frame
  • Picture album
  • Scrapbook
  • Memory book
  • Outside of a memory box
  • Doormat
  • Mug
  • T-shirt, sweatshirt or cap
  • Invitation to a birthday party
  • Anniversary gift

Tip: When choosing something for engraving, make sure the phrase you choose will fit in the engraving section. The person doing the engraving can make the size of the font smaller, but you don't want to make it too small or it may be difficult to see. If you have a small area on the gift, be sure to choose a shorter quotation.

How to Search for Short Senior Quotes Online

You will find millions of quotations online, but the key is to find one that will suit your loved one's style. Many of the sites have so many it could take you a long time to find the perfect one.

However, a number of sites are set up in such a way that all you have to do is choose a category or place a keyword in the search box.

If you decide to use the search engine on the site, you need to use words that give you the best possible choices in the results. Here is a list of search terms you can use.

  • Aging
  • Life
  • Senior citizens
  • Seniors
  • Older
  • Wisdom
  • Time
  • Age
  • Destiny
  • History
  • Retirement

Sites for Quotations About Senior Citizens

Check out these sites for easy-to-browse categories and search options.

  • Think Exist - Find famous quotations at this site.
  • Quote Land - This is an easy-to-use website with categories on the homepage and a big search engine box.
  • Brainy Quote - You can search by type, authors, topic, author last name and keyword right from the homepage.
  • Quote World - You will find a wide array of different sayings on this site. Browse by category or search for them.
  • Quote Garden - One of the best sites for quotations, simply type in what you are looking for in the search bar and find the perfect one.
  • Basic Jokes - This one has funny phrases, which are perfect for birthday gifts or for people with a good sense of humor.

Final Tip

Take your time finding the right quotation. You want to pick one which will make you think of the person you are sharing it with in your gift. When you do choose a quote and place it on the gift, take some time to let him or her know why you chose it. Your friend or family member will appreciate the thought you put into the gift and the nice saying you used.

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Where to Find Short Quotes for Seniors