How to Compare Senior Citizen Term Life Insurance Rates

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Finding senior citizen term life insurance rates can be cumbersome if you call insurance companies individually searching for the best policy. Luckily, you can use websites dedicated to providing visitors with senior citizen term life insurance rates, which is convenient and saves you a lot of time.

Why Compare Senior Life Insurance Rates

Life insurance companies base their policy rates on life expectancy. During the underwriting process, the companies take into consideration many health and lifestyle factors such as your age, health, work history, hobbies, etc. With this information, they will be able to find a policy that matches your needs as best as possible for the premium that you can afford. Since each insurance company has different policies and rate determinations, it's important to research as many of them as possible so you can find the perfect plan for you and your loved ones.

Websites for Senior Citizen Term Life Insurance Rates

  • American Term has a simple form you can fill out that will give you rates for different senior life insurance policies. The site also offers useful information about what term life insurance is and how much you need.
  • also gives you life insurance quotes, but instead of viewing them on the website, you'll receive a call from one of their senior insurance specialists. The first step is to answer some questions about your situation and needs online, the site then states that within an hour you'll receive a call. However, the specialists only call between 9:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. so if you're searching afterhours, you'll have to wait until the next day for information from One advantage the company touts is that if you choose to buy its insurance, their staff will help you with all your paperwork and are available for additional assistance during their work hours.
  • Advantage One allows you to see quotes instantly on their site but also has a phone number you can call to speak to their customer representatives at 1-866-923-0801.

This is just a sampling of the many websites available with life insurance quotes for seniors; you can find more by using your favorite search engine and typing in a phrase such as, "term life insurance for seniors".

Deciding on a Policy and Purchasing It

You can purchase a policy online through most of the life insurance rates websites you'll find. However, it's best to research the company to ensure its legitimacy. You can simply do a search for the company and check the Better Business Bureau Online. Most of the sites will also have a privacy statement to explain how information is transmitted securely from your computer to theirs so that you're personal information is safe.

If purchasing online makes you feel uncomfortable, you can call the company directly to set up a policy that way. This will also allow you to double check on the terms and ask questions.

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How to Compare Senior Citizen Term Life Insurance Rates