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Senior Citizen Online Community

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Join a senior citizen online community today and get involved with a fast-growing group of your peers. You'll make new friends, maybe find a date, and keep up with the latest news about senior health, travel, and events.

Online Safety Basics

Going online is fun and can be a great way to make new buddies. However, there are also important tips to consider before getting online. As with any situation that involves meeting new people, your first priority is staying safe. This guide can show you how to find the best senior citizen online communities.

  1. Make sure you research the online community before signing up to chat. Ask your friends where they visit and use common sense. If a site is asking for money or personal information like credit card numbers, avoid it. There are plenty of great free online communities.
  2. Choose an unidentifiable online screen name. Never use your entire full name.
  3. Never offer personal information to other members, and be vague about your address. Saying you live in California is better than Eureka, California or worse yet giving a street address.
  4. If you decide you'd like to meet someone from your online community in person, take it slow. Try moving from community chats to personal instant messaging. After private messages or e-mails, then consider a telephone call.
  5. If you decide to meet someone in person, take a friend or two. Only meet during the day in a public place, and make sure someone else knows where and when you're going to meet this new person, and that individual's name and phone number. Never go home with someone you've just met, or invite them back to your home. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know one another.

This all might sound overly cautious. However, it's wise to take precautions when meeting a new online friend. This advice is the same whether you're 20-years-old or 80-years-old. No matter how much life experience you have, it's always best to put safety first.'''

Finding a Senior Citizen Online Community

There are many online communities for people over age 55. Each will have its own flavor and pace. Some online communities thrive on support; some on a specific topic or hobby like exercise, boating, golf, and other activities; and still others on humor.

To find a community that best suits you, try out a variety of sites. The following are some great places to start. isn't live yet but soon will be and is one to watch. This online community looks like its goal is to bring the best of online communities to the Web for families and friends. With 172,000 members listed already, it should be loads of fun once it launches.

SeniorNet RoundTable Discussions covers all kinds of topics in their chats and best of all has great online tips and tricks -- perfect for anyone new to a senior citizen online community.

Yahoo Groups

Another helpful resource for finding like-minded seniors is at Yahoo Groups. They have plenty of senior groups available to join, from specific interests such as birdwatching to groups by region, like Florida seniors. The only downside to Yahoo is that you have to read through group's descriptions, sometimes many, before finding your perfect group. It can be worth your time if you find the perfect place, though.

The Third Age

The ThirdAge is an all-inclusive site for seniors. You can join a senior citizen online community; learn about health, news, relationships, money, beauty, fun, senior activities, and more. Plus, take fun quizzes and classes. Everything is geared towards seniors and it's a great site to explore.

Another site like ThirdAge is Take a look at both and see what you think.


The last type of online community you can join is a blog community. Senior blogs can be great way to connect with others. MSNBC recently ran an article on Web-savvy seniors. The benefits for senior bloggers include:

  • Keeping your mind sharp.
  • Meeting people all over the world.
  • Being able to share life experiences with others.
  • A Final Note

    Online communities are improving daily life for seniors all over the world. Why not jump into an online community today and give it a try?

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Senior Citizen Online Community