Finding Senior Care Shows and Expos

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There are many different issues involved in senior care, but there are a variety of resources to help, including senior care shows. These elder care events typically have a wealth of resources available that can assist seniors and caregivers in finding information to address their specific concerns.

What is Available at Senior Care Shows

Although some elder care events may have a single or exclusive focus, many shows offer a variety of resources on different subjects to assist seniors, caregivers, and families.

With today's busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to find the time to garner information on important issues affecting today's seniors. Even when time is made, it may be difficult to know where to look. Senior care shows are helpful in this regard because they may have many sources of information in one convenient format.

Topics, Issues, and Events

Shows may be hosted at exposition centers, community buildings, medical facilities, and other areas. They may include various health care concerns and information on:

  • Medicare
  • Long-term care issues
  • Home caregiving
  • Senior lifestyles
  • Residential care facilities
  • Senior living centers
  • Healthy aging, fitness and diet
  • Alzheimer's disease, senior depression, and other mental health concerns
  • Financial concerns and reverse mortgages
  • Hospice care and preparation for loss

Senior expos may also offer services such as free medical screenings, flu shots, film events and informative speakers, and games, prizes and drawings. Shows are often free, although parking charges may be required.

Finding a Senior Show in Your Area

Many communities feature annual or semi-annual senior care expos or shows. Additional shows may also be offered with special speakers or a specific focus, such as targeted health concerns or prescriptions. You can find out where and when senior care shows are taking place in your area by checking:

  • The newspaper. Event listings may contains dates, locations, and themes of senior shows. Articles may also be written for a more in-depth look at niche senior health or other shows.
  • Your local community center, senior center, or library. Community centers and libraries may have announcements or pamphlets about upcoming shows. These venues may also post announcements for shows on their web sites.
  • Agency on aging or social services office. Call and ask to be notified in advance via postal mail or e-mail of upcoming senior shows.

Senior Care Radio Shows

Busy caregivers may find some of the answers to their questions and concerns, learn developments in elder care and medical breakthroughs, and find other information via senior care radio shows.

  • Jacqueline Marcell hosts the radio show Coping with Caregiving that listeners can access on her website as well.
  • Elder Talk with Miles Hurley covers various issues pertaining to senior care and be heard via live Internet broadcast or podcast on Business Radio.
  • Listen to Mr. ElderCare's broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio for information on subjects like hospital discharges, family conflict in senior care scenarios, managing prescription drugs, and more.

Planning a Senior Show

Health care facilities, senior advocacy groups, and other parties may be interested in coordinating senior care fairs. Although it takes hard work and a substantial amount of planning, this is a valuable service to communities and individuals.

Although it can be daunting to consider many of the senior living and senior care issues today, there are many ways to gather information, make informed decisions, and create full, happy lives for seniors. Senior care expos and fairs, radio shows, and Internet resources are available to help caregivers and families with various issues and keep stress at a minimum.

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Finding Senior Care Shows and Expos