Sources for Retirement Humor

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From funny jokes and hilarious stories to humorous quotations and poems that give you a chuckle, retirement humor brings a smile to your lips and laughter to your life. Finding a great source of retirement humor can help you make the most of this period in your life.

Retirement Humor

Retirement is a special milestone in a person's life. After years of dedication and hard work, it's a time for relaxation and the pursuit of interests and hobbies the working and family years may not have allowed for. Without a doubt, retirement life is very different from the years spent in the workforce. Most humor about retirement takes those differences and creates laughable situations that are hilarious. Whether you are at a retirement dinner, sharing an evening with friends, or spending time alone on your computer, retirement humor is sure to make you smile.

Retirement Humor Online

Many websites are filled with retirement jokes, funny stories, funny quotations, and laughable cartoons. Many of these also include:

  • The Joy of Being Retired includes funny retirement poems and other retirement resources.
  • Love This Pic has funny retirement jokes and images uploaded by users.
  • Think Advisor offers funny retirement quotes and advice.
  • Fun Stuff To Do has hilarious retirement quotes, jokes, advice, cartoons, and gifts.
  • One Line Fun offers readers funny, quick witted jokes and sarcastic comments.
  • The Retirement Jokes Café has silly retirement jokes, stories, poems, speeches, and gifts.
  • Elderchicks is a blog that focuses on the funny aspects of retirement, and what it's like to get older, with a special focus on elderly women.

Hilarious Podcasts and YouTube Videos

Great podcasts and YouTube videos focus on retirement humor. Take a peak and see if any of these make you smile:

  • John Levenstein's Retirement Party is an explicit podcast that takes a look at his past career and what life is like for the actor and producer now.
  • Think Outside the Box is a YouTube channel with a funny skit about what retirement with a partner is like.
  • The Funny Jerk, a YouTube channel, posts hilarious and raunchy jokes about the ups and downs of retirement.

Funny Retirement Books

Books are another great source of retirement humor. They make excellent retirement gifts for friends, family or colleagues. There are plenty of humorous books on the topic of retirement to choose from.

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You can explore:

Humorous Gifts for Retirement

Although a humorous gift for retirement is not appropriate for everyone, retirees' with a good sense of humor will defiantly enjoy receiving one of the many funny gag gifts available. Popular gifts that generally produce a laugh include items with funny retirement sayings, a gift basket loaded with silly retirement gifts, and gag gifts like a tennis racket/bug zapper combination. Retirement gifts can be found at:

  • Café Press is an online shop that offers a huge variety of retirement gifts including clothing, shoes, customized cups, and home decor with a twist. Prices range from about $9 to $30.
  • The Retirement Gift Company offers retirement party decor, gag gifts, as well as clothing, games, and literature. Prices range from around $7 to $30.
  • Jubilee Celebrations has shirts, frames, wine bags, and decor that are sure to make the recipient smile. Prices range from $13 to around $40.
  • Amazon offers a huge selection of funny retirement gifts including clothes, home decor, mugs, adult coloring books, posters, and cards. Prices range from a few dollars to around $25.

Retiree Humor

Whether you are a retiree, someone that is about to retire or are seriously thinking about retiring soon, retirement humor is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Explore some different sources of retirement humor to find out what really makes you laugh hard.

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Sources for Retirement Humor