Retirement Gift Ideas to Please Any Retiree

Gold watch for a retirement gift

From engraved gold watches and monogrammed luggage to memory books and gift baskets, retirement gift ideas cover a vast array of selections.

Choosing the Perfect Retirement Gift

Retirement is a special time in a person's life. It marks many years of hard work and dedication to their employment and the beginning of a time for them to enjoy more leisure activities and explore new interests. When choosing a gift for this event, you want it to be unique and have special meaning for the recipient. You want your retirement gift to be something they will enjoy as they enter this new phase of their life.

When deciding on the perfect gift for the retiree, answering these questions will help you narrow down your gift choices.

  • Does the retiree have a special hobby or an activity?
  • Is travel in his or her future plans?
  • Do you want your gift to be a treasured memento of your relationship with the retiree?
  • Does the retiree love jewelry?
  • Does the person retiring have "everything" already?
  • The relationship you have with the person retiring as you consider retirement gift ideas. Is the retiree a loved one, coworker, friend or neighbor?

Retirement Gifts to Enhance a Special Interest, Hobby or Activity

Retirement allows time for individuals to pursue hobbies and interests that a full work schedule may not have allowed before. Make your retirement gift something that will enhance an existing interest, hobby or activity or the necessary supplies to start one the retiree always wanted to do. For example, a gift basket full of painting supplies for the aspiring artist or binoculars and a watching guide for the retiree who always wanted to have time to be a bird watcher. Another great gift idea is a gift certificate for a weekend, or short stay at a bed-and-breakfast. This gift gives the retiree a special memory and a fun adventure. Examples of hobby trips include golfing, fishing or antiquing. Include a small gift such as golf balls or fishing hooks with your gift certificate. Other gift ideas for retirees include:

  • Personalized golf putters, golf balls or a tennis racket
  • A gift basket of supplies for gardening, scrap booking or fishing
  • Books or subscriptions to magazines of their special interest

Gifts for Retirees that Love to Travel

Many people look forward to traveling when retirement time arrives. Special gift ideas include:

Make a Memory Book

If you want your gift to become a treasured memento that will be cherished by the retiree, put together a memory book. In the book include photographs, press releases and any other special events from the past and present. Have each family member or co-worker sign the book and write a special memory or personal message.

More Treasured Mementoes

Other unique retirement gift ideas that are sure to become treasured by seniors include:

  • A custom Memory Lane print
  • A framed retirement poem
  • One share of La-Z-Boy stock, or stock of your choice, framed with a personalized plaque
  • This clock is truly made for a relaxing retirement, there are not any numbers, just days of the week. A perfect novelty gift for the retiree that does not have to worry about time.

Retirement Jewelry: A Gift to be Cherished

For many years a classic retirement gift given by an employer to a retiring employee was a gold pocketwatch with the employees years of service inscribed on the case. This is still considered a beautiful and timeless retirement gift. It can be given by loved ones to signify the beginning of a new phase of their life together when time is not dictated by employment. Other jewelry retirement gifts include:

  • A retirement bracelet
  • Engraved necklaces or bracelets
  • Inscribed watches
  • Personalized jewelry boxes

For the Retiree Who Has Everything

Special retirement gifts for retirees that have everything.

  • Make a donation in their name to their favorite charity or organization
  • Donate equipment or books on their behalf to a favorite library, organization or park
  • Have a tree planted in their honor

Where to Find Retirement Gifts Ideas Online

The following are a few of the many excellent websites that offer retirement gifts.

A Memorable Gift

Retirement gift ideas are as varied as the people retiring. Make your offering one that will be cherished and remembered for years to come. To lighten the occasion a bit, include a funny retirement quote with your present.

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Retirement Gift Ideas to Please Any Retiree