Pictures of Polished Hairstyles for Mature Women

Light Bangs

Today's modern seniors hairstyles can be fresh, vibrant and beautiful at any length. The right style can lift and brighten the face and draw attention to your best features.

Light, slightly wispy bangs with a medium-length style look can conceal forehead wrinkles and add emphasis to the eyes. Avoid heavy styling products on the bangs; blow dry with a diffuser to keep movement and create a nice frame for the face.

Medium Layers

Soft, medium-length layers can help create the look of thicker hair and offer a wide variety of styling possibilities.

Use a volumizing mousse and blow dry with a vented round brush, creating a slight flip at the ends of the layers, for a look that's natural yet lively. This style is perfect for women with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

If you prefer to play up your natural texture, you can skip the blow drying with a round brush and scrunch it up with a lightweight gel, mousse, or a combination of both for hold and volume.

Curled Updos

Severe updos and slicked-back ponytails can look harsh and accentuate fine lines. Instead, chose softer updos that incorporate curls or waves. Updos that incorporate curls at the top of the face also draw the eyes upward for a youthful look.

If your'e losing volume in your face and looking a bit thin, the curls will also add the illusion of more width and roundness there. Use a large-barreled curling iron to create large curls or waves, and pin hair up or back with a non-damaging elastic. To create more texture, use a texturizing spray or paste to lightly muss the curls. Secure with small clips and mist with a finishing spray.

Choppy Hairstyles

A choppy look is great for a mature woman who wants a modern, spunky look. The length and angles of styles like this work for any face shape.

The piecey layers create volume, and choppy ends draw the eye up and away from fine lines. Break up the color with some highlights for even more interest.

Use root-boosting spray at the crown before blow drying, and add a texturizing or molding paste lightly to the ends of the hair after blow drying to create light separation.

Long Layers

Many women shy away from longer looks as they age, but there's no need to. Long hair is a flattering look, especially when paired with long layers.

If you want a sleek look, flat iron just the top layer of hair, allowing movement and volume from the layers underneath. Use a thickening serum or cream before blow drying.

Polished Medium-Length Styles

Medium-length styles (anywhere from chin-length to the shoulders) can be a great choice for the woman who wants to conceal any wrinkles, skin folds around the neck, or a sagging jaw line. Curling the ends of the hair slightly inward can help conceal any problems in this area.

Paired with blunt bangs, a medium-length look like the one pictured here is the perfect combination of pretty and polished, but it will take some time to style. Use a smoothing serum and a round brush while blow drying your hair to keep it tamed and in the face-hugging shape you want.

Keep the outer layer of the hair in check with a light application of more smoothing serum if necessary. If you find that your hair looks flat on top, you can always add a root boosting spray or mousse right after towel-drying.

Short Crops

Short, cropped looks are a great choice for mature, active women because they require less styling. Frequent trims will keep your look in top shape.

For short curls, use a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair moisturized, and a frizz-reducing serum or spray to keep curls looking their best. Other than that, this is a total wash-and-wear look. Towel dry if you wish.

You'll be surprised by how low-maintenance this style is if you're used to sporting longer locks. This style also works on straight hair.

Short Straight Look

Short, straight styles can also be very flattering for mature women, as well as easy to style.

Short bangs can look severe; instead choose longer, slightly sideswept bangs with a short style. The look is still polished but also soft.

Blow dry with a small round brush or paddle brush for a style with more volume, or allow hair to dry naturally for a sleeker look. Use styling products sparingly so hair isn't weighed down. Consider a lightweight serum for its smoothing capabilities.

Lively Waves

Hair that is stiff and over-styled can make a woman look older than her years; instead allow your hair to move. Medium-length waves can add volume, soften the face, and add a vibrant look.

Pull hair into sections and add a light styling cream. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, lightly blow dry, brush, and then tousle the finished style to keep it from looking too done. If needed, add slight waves with a large-barreled curling iron or the end of a flat iron first.

Side Parts

A side part can make a simple bob hair style look more fresh and modern. If you normally part your hair on one side, consider alternating sides; the switch will create more natural volume at the crown. Use a root-boosting spray to help lift the hair as well. Finish blow drying with a blast of cool air to seal the hair and create a sleek style.

Angled Bob

There's a reason tons of ladies are sporting the angled bob. It's a perfect fit for all ages, face shapes, hair colors, and straight to slightly wavy hair textures. It's short enough to make thin hair look thicker than some other styles, and blow-drying with a paddle brush and shine serum will make it sleek and smooth.

Flirty Flip

While most flipped styles are roughly shoulder-length, you can also flip shorter styles up for a spunky, fun-loving look. Apply a shine serum and/or a mousse, then blow dry with a small round brush, flipping the ends up as you go.

Go Lighter on the Color

As you age, your complexion may become paler, making dark hair too harsh for your skin tone. Brighten things up again with a few highlights, at least around the face, or go for a new shade all around.

One bonus to going lighter: any gray hair you have will blend in more easily than it does with a darker hue. Unless your hair is on the lighter side naturally and you're just trying to blend gray, the initial shade switch should be left to a pro. Be sure to ask questions about how to maintain it at home.

Volumize With Hairstyles for Seniors With Thin Hair

If your hair is thinning, the best cut will be a short crop (so if you've ever wanted a pixie cut but lacked the courage, now is the time!). This will automatically make your hair look thicker.

You can boost your volume even more with a mousse designed to add body and thickness, and don't forget to play up any natural wave you have. Blow dry hair on low heat while using your fingers to fluff it up.

Carefree Short Cut

Most of the hair issues that come with aging--thinning, dryness, and frequent coloring (if you choose to go that route)--can be solved by a carefree hairstyle that allows you to wash and go. Go short to show off your features and enjoy the tousled look that will allow you to get out the door and on to enjoying your life rather than spending too much time styling your hair.

Hairstyles for Mature Women

Women over 40 often have issues with dry hair. To combat this issue, use a daily leave-in conditioner and finish your style with a shine serum. Deep condition one to two times per week with a hair mask designed for dry hair. Now's the time to choose a less fussy hairstyle. Going with the natural texture of your hair whether you decide to leave it long or cut it short will save you time in the mornings and keep unnecessary dryness at bay. In some cases, that natural texture will even soften your features and give you a more youthful appearance.

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Pictures of Polished Hairstyles for Mature Women