Over 50 Hairstyles for Every Hair Length

Pictures of hairstyles for mature women

Hairstyles for mature women can range from long elegant styles to short and sassy pixie cuts. Find the style that makes you feel beautiful and flaunt it.

Long Mature Hairstyles

Not too long ago, over 50s hairstyles for women were wash and wear and short. Long hair was strictly for young women; however, there are several long mature hairstyles that look great on mature women.

Shoulder Length Cuts

Shoulder length hairstyles are a great way to keep the hair long while still maintaining a polished and mature look. Shoulder length hairstyles flatter nearly any face shape. To add to a shoulder length hairstyle long side swept bangs can be added, which are very flattering for most face shapes.

Shoulder length hairstyles also look great with any color. One of the most flattering looks for true silver hair is a 1940s-style shoulder-length cut with soft curls. For mature women who want to color their hair, adding lighter colored highlights around the face with a shoulder length cut will help brighten up the face and make you look younger.

Shoulder length haircut
Shoulder length cut
Shoulder length hairstyle with curls
Curly hairstyles for seniors
Shoulder length hairstyle with highlights
Shoulder length with highlights

Extra Long Mature Hairstyles

Mature women can also leave their hair very long as long hair past the chest area isn't just flattering on young women, it can look great on mature women as well.

There are several ways to wear extra long hair as a mature woman. A long, blunt haircut with no layers can look great on a mature woman. Wear this haircut straight and sleek for a sophisticated look, adding a smoothing finishing cream to the style to remove any fly aways. This is a great look that has helped women such as Demi Moore stay looking young, and it looks great on women of all ages.

If you are worried about problem areas of your face and want your hairstyle to complement your facial features, add shorter face framing layers to long hairstyles. These layers should hit around the shoulder and can help soften the face.

Extra long mature hairstyle
Extra long mature hairstyle
Extra long layered hair
Long hairstyles for elderly women
Extra long straight and sleek hair
Extra long straight and sleek hair

Caring for Long Mature Hair

When it comes to maintaining long hair as a mature woman, the most important thing to remember is that the hair needs to be well taken care of. This will prevent your long hair from looking damaged. The following hair care products are all ideal for helping long hair stay healthy:

  • Moisturizing Shampoo: As women age, their hair tends to hold less moisture. When choosing a shampoo, make sure to choose a product that has moisturizing benefits to it, this will help the hair look younger and healthier.
  • Conditioner: Any woman with long hair should always use a moisturizing conditioner. When applying conditioner to the hair, make sure to only condition the ends of the hair, this will prevent the hair from getting greasy or weighed down.
  • Natural Oil: A natural oil such as Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil should be used daily, especially mature women who have dry or damaged hair. Simply apply the oil to damp hair after showering, and the hair will stay smooth, well-hydrated and sleek-looking all day long.
  • Heat Protectant Spray: Most women do not use a heat protecting spray, but every woman should, especially mature women. As hair ages, it becomes more prone to damage and breakage. Use a heat protectant spray on the hair before drying or using heat styling products and it will prevent the hair from getting damaged.

Short and Sassy Wash and Wear Haircuts for Women Over 50

Short hairstyles are very common for mature women. There are many different short mature hairstyles that can still be fun and trendy for women of all ages.

Short Pixie Hair

Very short hairstyles, also known as pixie cuts are very trendy among women over 50. The spiky cut favored by stylish actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis can be very flattering on a wide range of facial types. The added bonus is that this is a cut that requires very little in the way of daily maintenance and style, which most women just don't have time for.

If you get this hairstyle, make sure to ask your stylist for product recommendations that can be used to keep the cut looking polished.

Short pixie hairstyle
Short hairstyles for senior women
Pixie haircut
Short hairstyles for gray hair
Pixie hairstyle
Pixie hairstyle

The Bob

The bob hairstyle is one of the most flattering haircuts for women of all ages, and it looks great on nearly any face shape. Many women favor the classic bob if they choose to go short, because it looks great in a variety of lengths. The only drawback with this flattering style is that it can take more maintenance than might be expected, so styling should be discussed with your hairstylist.

Bob hairstyle
More senior women's hairstyles
Bob hairstyle with bangs
Hairstyles for silver hair
Bob hairstyle
Bob hairstyle

The Messy Look

If your hair is wavy and you want to wear it short, go for the trendy "messy" look favored by actress Cloris Leachman. The cut is two-to-three inches in length all around the head, with some texturizing to add detail and remove heaviness. A soft, fringed look is very flattering to older features. Your stylist will be able to determine exactly what works for you and show you a variety of styles for day and evening looks. They will all be quick and easy to achieve, with minimum product.

The messy look
Gray hair with highlights
Messy short hairstyle
Mature short hair
Messy style haircut
Messy style haircut

Mature Celebrity Hairstyles

Looking for inspiration? Check out your favorite celeb's hairstyle.

Jamie Lee's spiky cut
Jamie Lee's short 'do looks great on mature women of all ages.
Luscious curls
Bernadette Peters with her long, curly hairstyle
Cloris Leachman
Cloris Leachman looks good in this short hairstyle
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren goes platinum.
Diane Sawyer
Diane Sawyer looks effortlessly put together.
Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour is a natural beauty.
Susan Lucci
Sixty never looked so lovely as it does on Susan Lucci.
Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon is spunky at any age.
Catherine Deneuve
Catherine Deneuve is a classic beauty.

Anything Goes for Mature Women

There are no rules when it comes to haircuts for women over the age of 50. So get with your stylist and go for it. Find a look you love and you'll feel great, no matter how long or short your hair is.

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