Interesting and Fun Jobs for Retired Science Teachers

Former science teachers can still put their knowledge to good use.

Retiring as a science teacher after 45 years seemed like a great idea. But now you are bored to tears. Are there jobs available for retired science teachers? Yes, there are. You can find several different job opportunities as a retiree using your science teaching skills.

Try the Familiar First

Although reaching retirement age is a time of change and often the beginning of a new way of life, many former educators want to use their classroom experience and knowledge of science to supplement their investment income. Others decide that they would like to stay active in their area of science expertise, or work with adolescents.

Classroom Positions

Due to the shortage of certified science teachers in some areas of the country, retired teachers are returning to the classroom on a part-time basis. Although this option is not yet being offered in all states, it is becoming more common. Teachers can supplement their retirement income without losing any of their benefits. The popularity of part-time teaching is due to the increased number of teachers reaching the age of retirement, combined with the lower number of certified graduates entering into the field of science education.

Another job that allows retired teachers to work in a classroom setting is substitute teaching. Although the pay is low, generally less than $100 per day, many retired science teachers enjoy being in the classroom occasionally. However, even as a substitute, individuals must follow strict educational requirements.

Working with Schools

Another job for retired science teachers is to design and implement workshops and courses to enhance professional development, which can then be presented to school districts. Others choose to use their extensive knowledge within a specialized field to do presentations to schools on particular topics. Many of these educators often become consultants to school districts regarding curriculum, lesson development, and program implementation.There are many schools that hire retired science teachers to mentor novice teachers or to expand the knowledge base of their current staff. Using the years of experience and content knowledge of the retired educator in this way helps to ease the transition and frustration often felt by an inexperienced teacher.

Universities also have job opportunities. Northeastern Illinois University, for example, hires retired teachers to supervise student teachers. Additionally, many colleges and universities have a need for adjunct professors to fill in over a semester or for a particular course.

Other Jobs for Retired Science Teachers


For those teachers that want to remain involved with students, but not necessarily in the classroom, tutoring may be the perfect job. Learning centers are often in need of qualified middle and high school science tutors. Depending upon the company, tutoring can take place at the student's home, at a library or at the learning center. Retired science teachers can also tutor privately.

Science Centers

Another job opportunity that allows retired teachers to work with children is instructing at the Chicago-based Mad Science Interactive Center, which has locations nationwide. This is an after-school program for elementary children focusing on activities that are fun and educational.

Museums and Nature Preserves

Many retired science teachers enjoy working at nature preserves or museums. Their responsibilities might include:

  • Preparing and presenting workshops.
  • Leading group tours.
  • Hosting question and answer sessions.

The Horatio Colony Museum and Nature Preserve in Keene, New Hampshire, and the Sunken Forest Preserve at the Fire Island National Seashore, which is part of the Long Island Nature Preserves of New York, are two examples of this type of nature center.

Museums such as the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum in Sag Harbor, New York, and The Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York, are examples of organizations that hire retired science teachers as tour guides and also to present workshops to groups. For those educators that prefer seasonal, part-time employment, jobs at botanical gardens may be a good choice. The employment opportunities involve caring for the plants, presenting workshops, and leading tours.

Writing Jobs

Retired science teachers who enjoy writing may choose a position as a caption writer for scientific and medical images. Companies such as Photo Take USA, license images for commercial and editorial use. The caption writer needs to describe accurately and clearly the medical and biological images. The images cover many scientific areas including genetic research, microscopy, surgery, diagnostic testing, biochemistry and anatomy.

Training and Testing

There are many other jobs that often appeal to retired science teachers. One example is a position training others, such as employees at Addus Health Care, where they train home health aides. Another possibility is evaluating and scoring essays and tests for companies around the country, such as Riverside Publishing.

Income Options

Retired Science Teacher Jobs
Position Classroom Setting Salary
Part-time teacher yes varies
Tutor no $10 to $75 per hour
Substitute teacher yes $50 to $90 per day
Supervisor of student teachers no $2,500 to $2,850 per 3 students
Mentor no varies
Consultant no varies
Museum tour guide no varies
Caption writer no varies
Trainer no varies
Test and essay examiner no varies

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Interesting and Fun Jobs for Retired Science Teachers