How to Dress Younger

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If you have an upcoming high school reunion, party at a friend's house, wedding or other big event, you might be wondering how to dress younger but still look appropriate for your age. Explore some style tips to help you on your journey to look young and fun.

How to Dress Younger with Color

If you know that a certain style of clothing looks good on you and is appropriate for most activities, you might be most comfortable staying with the style but changing things up by adding younger colors. Some colors that can help you look younger include:

  • Pastels
  • Bold jewel-toned colors
  • Gold and silver

If your goal is to look younger, then you'll want to stay away from neutral colors such as tan, brown, grey and black.

Young Styles

Okay, so maybe wearing a micro miniskirt might be stretching the "looking younger" thing a bit, but there isn't any reason why you can't don a trendy patterned scarf or add some big hoop earrings. Accessories are a great place to experiment with new styles. Not only is the investment minimal, but it is simply an addition to your outfit. If you feel the scarf is too much at any time, you can always remove it and slip it discreetly into your purse.

Go Shopping with the Grandkids

Whether your grandchild is nine or 19, today's young people are very up on fashion trends. Your granddaughter can tell you which brands are in and which are out. Maybe that scarf is the right length but no one wears stripes this season. Perhaps your socks are too long or too short. Teens can help with these minor details and have you up-to-date on the latest trends in a single shopping trip.

However, a word of caution: the styles that work for your 13-year-old granddaughter obviously are not going to work for you. Your best bet is to absorb all the fashion advice you receive, then compare it to the styles you see displayed in stores that specialize in mature clothing.

Where to Buy Young Senior Clothes

While learning how to dress younger, you're going to find a few stores that speak to your soul. LoveToKnow has gathered some of our favorite young but mature clothing and accessory sites and listed them below.

  • Old Pueblo Traders: This site has fun pea coats in rich colors perfect for making you look younger while still looking all grown up.
  • New York and Company: While many of the styles may be a bit too young for your taste, this store has some great accessories that can really have an impact on your wardrobe and help you answer that question of how to dress younger.
  • Mod Cloth: Indie clothing that is unique and one of a kind. Nothing says young like knowing yourself well enough to know what you look good in and wearing it with confidence. The clothes on this site are unique. You are certain to find at least one piece that you love.

Young and Fun

Knowing how to dress younger also means experimenting with different styles. Remember a style from 20 years ago that looked great on you? Vintage looks are in, so don't be scared to pull something out of the closet and wear it again. If a look doesn't work, you can always donate the item to the local thrift shop or pass it down to someone else.

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