Holiday Hairstyles for Seniors

7 Holiday Hairstyles for Seniors

Whether you are having a casual get-together with family or a grand gala, 'tis the season for holiday hairstyles for seniors. Regardless of the party locale, you want your hair to look its best!

In this look, a casual updo looks simultaneously elegant and carefree.

Soft and Romantic

Longer locks look lovely parted down the middle. Soft waves add a touch of softness and romance. For a sleeker look, flat iron the hair stick straight.

Terrifically Tousled

This slightly tousled look gives hair a bit of volume. The bangs are lifted up and to the side, drawing attention to a youthful forehead.

Sometimes Less Is More

You know what they say: "If you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing." If you choose to wear heavier makeup, be subtle with your hair. A softer, more natural hairstyle complements a made up face beautifully.

Highlights and Frost

Draw attention to your beautiful eyes or high cheekbones with bangs and face-framing highlights. Layers on top add volume.

Versatile Pixie

With the ability to look either elegant or flirty, the pixie cut is extremely versatile. For a sophisticated look, sleek your hair back or part it to one side. Add decorative combs or pins for a touch of sparkle.

Beautiful Curls

Whether created by nature, chemicals, or a curling iron, curls are fun! From tight ringlets to loose waves, curly tresses are right at home at a holiday party. For a more upscale 'do, wrap hair into a loose updo and allow a few strands to escape.

Bobs Are Timeless

If there's one look that looks good on everyone and that will likely never go out of style, it's the bob. This cut is universally flattering, but ask your stylist which length and finish best suits you.

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Holiday Hairstyles for Seniors