Grandparents Day Poems

Spending Time with Grandparents

One of the best ways to show your love and reveal your feelings is by using Grandparents' Day poems. A poem makes a great gift and can be used in a variety of creative ways.

About Grandparents' Day

Grandparents' Day is a national holiday that is observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It is not as popular as other known holidays but is an important time to thank grandparents, who are often so important to a family. Many make a tradition out of observing the day and plan activities to celebrate the occasion. The day is a grat time to get family together and express appreciation to granparents. There are many ways to recognize grandparents on Grandparents' Day. From a simple card to an elaborate dinner, there are endless ideas of ways to show appreciation.

Using Grandparents' Day Poems

Using a special poem is a unique way to show gratitude and love, as well as being a meaningful gesture. There are many poems written that reflect appreciation towards grandparents and express sentiments of appreciation that often remain unsaid. A poem can sum up your emotions and can either be recited or used as part of a gift.

Giving someone a special poem written just for them is something that they will never forget. If you plan on reciting the poem, be sure to give a copy to your grandparents afterwards so that they can cherish it for years to come. They may even want to share the poem with their friends.

Some ideas for using a poem as a gift include:

  • Having a child handwrite a poem, and then get it framed to present it as a gift
  • Writing a poem inside of a blank card
  • Engraving a poem on a plaque
  • Using one as the first page of a scrapbook dedicated to the grandparent(s)

Finding a Poem

If you are at a loss for words and need some help coming up with a meaningful poem, consider using a poem that has already been written. There are many sites online that have great selections of poems from which to choose. Check out the following sites for Grandparents' Day poems:

If you are creative, you can always write your own poem. If you don't know where to start, why not write a phrase for every letter in the word 'Grandparent'. For example, G is for Generosity, R is for Respect, A is for Always being there, N is for Nice and so on. When writing a poem such as this, be sure to use what is personal and dear to you and your grandparent.

Another option is to put a personal twist on a poem that has already been written. Remember to write from your heart. No matter what the poem ends up like, it sure to be appreciated since it is a gesture coming from you. Special gifts such as poems are loved not only because of the content, but because they are written with the recipient in mind. Poems express what is felt but often left unsaid. Show your grandparent how much you care about them with a poem written especially for them.

Final Thoughts

A poem is something that is meaningful and will be treasured by whoever receives it. Whether it is recited or used as a gift for grandparents, a poem is like nothing else. Words can often express feelings, and a poem is a great way to sum up your gratitude and love for your grandparents.

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Grandparents Day Poems