Good Things About Turning 50

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If you're wondering about good things about turning 50 and getting older, remember that everyone deals with aging differently. It's easy enough to get down on yourself, but a brighter perspective can make you realize that 50 is a time of celebration and acceptance. If you've been lucky enough to live a full and enjoyable life, you are fortunate. Turning 50 might mean it's time to create some new goals for the next 50 years.

The Importance of Age 50

Remember age 40 when all the talk was about being "over the hill?" Well, age 50, you might say, is over the hill, past the meadow, and on to bigger and better things on the other side. When you're over 50, you can leave many cares and worries behind and embrace life. Of course, new problems and ailments are bound to come your way, but that is the case no matter what your age. A person at age 50 can create better health habits and become even healthier than earlier in life. After all, "age is just a number."

50 Good Things About Turning 50

  1. You're less fearful
  2. You're not afraid to have opinions
  3. You know yourself
  4. You have a greater appreciation of life
  5. It's easier to laugh at yourself
  6. It's easier to laugh at others
  7. It's easier to take life less seriously
  8. You stop caring what other people think
  9. You stop sweating the small stuff
  10. You have a lifetime of wisdom to help you make decisions
  11. You are more at peace
  12. You're less critical of your body and weight
  13. You know that eating right and exercise are the best medicine
  14. You embrace your imperfections
  15. You make jokes more often
  16. Senior woman lying on grass relaxing
    You get to use the excuse: "I'm set in my ways"
  17. You have a reason for forgetting things
  18. You have a reason for losing things
  19. You have a reason for telling the same stories
  20. You can be as grumpy as you wish
  21. You can learn to dance
  22. You can learn to sing
  23. No one cares if you're a bad singer
  24. People expect you to be a bad dancer
  25. Your inner confidence shines
  26. You can go home early without offending anyone
  27. You can enjoy being settled in life
  28. With kids out of the house, you can be more spontaneous
  29. Your kids stop expecting big gifts from you
  30. AARP discounts are everywhere
  31. Other age-related discounts and free stuff for seniors
  32. Younger people will help you more
  33. You have more time to explore new hobbies
  34. You can wear red hats that don't match your clothes
  35. You can wear glitter or funny sweaters and laugh at yourself
  36. You can wear glitter or funny sweaters in public with pride
  37. You can go gray with your hair
  38. Retired life is just around the corner
  39. Relaxation
  40. Nap time is fun again
  41. Waking up too early and watching a sunrise
  42. Resting feels natural
  43. Buying more comfortable clothing
  44. Fewer comparisons to younger folks
  45. The amazing things you've seen that younger people have not
  46. Your wisdom
  47. Your advice
  48. Your ability to let go
  49. Your ability to forgive others
  50. Your ability to forgive yourself

Make Your Own Age 50 List

As you can see, there's an abundance of good things about turning 50, as long as you look for them. As you celebrate age 50 with a big birthday or a quiet celebration, make some lists of your own. From "50 things I know" to "50 things to be grateful for," the number has many possibilities.

Good Things About Turning 50