Little-Known Freebies for Senior Citizens

Free Stuff for Seniors

Many organizations offer fun and interesting freebies for senior citizens. A number of senior specials and freebies are community-based, so you may want to begin by looking for free services and items available through a senior center. Many businesses and organizations also have special freebies for seniors.

Special Senior Checking Accounts

Some financial institutions offer free checking accounts for senior citizens. While the exact terms and conditions vary from one bank to another, special senior accounts often feature:

  • Free checks
  • The opportunity to earn interest without a minimum balance
  • Free cashiers check and money order processing
  • Special customer rewards programs

For some banks, you can obtain a senior account at age 50, while other banks have higher age requirements. If you're paying for a checking account, do some comparison shopping among banks to inquire about free account options for mature customers.

Free Newsletters and Publications

Many organizations offer free newsletter subscriptions on topics of interest to senior citizens. You can learn about many interesting subjects, and easily request to cancel subscriptions to any that you don't find useful.

Sign up online to receive the following free newsletters:

Travel Freebies for Seniors

If you plan to spend time traveling during your retirement years, be sure to request these free travel offers. They'll be useful for seniors who are planning to enjoy recreational vehicle travel, as well as those who plan to drive, fly, or cruise frequently.

RV Travel for Seniors

Travel freebies for senior citizens include:

Product Sample Freebies for Senior Citizens

The older population has incredible buying power. Because of this, many retailers focus their product development and marketing efforts on senior consumers. To encourage prospective customers to try their products, businesses that market to this demographic often offer samples. On most sites, you'll need to complete an online request form to request the food and beverage or health and beauty aid sample offers that appeal to you, Here are just a few of the products available:

Gardening Freebies

If you enjoy working in your yard and beautifying the planet, sign up for these terrific gardening freebies:

Freebies to Have on Hand for Grandchild Visits

Visits from grandchildren can be both fun and stressful. Make sure you have plenty of activities on hand for the young people in your life without spending a fortune by keeping a supply of kid-friendly freebies on hand.

Where to Find New Freebie Offers

Freebie offers change frequently, so it's a good idea to keep up with various online resources for finding them. The following websites are general interest free stuff resources, filled with many freebies for seniors as well as offers that appeal to individuals in other age groups.

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Little-Known Freebies for Senior Citizens