Electronic Door Locks for Elderly People

Woman escorting her elderly mother home

If your loved one has Alzheimer's and you fear for his or her safety due to wandering behavior, electronic door locks for the elderly may be the best way to keep your loved one safe. Read on to find out why these locks are one of the best ways to keep people from wandering.

Alzheimer's Wandering Behavior

Many elderly people with Alzheimer's have a tendency to wander away from their caregiver. This is because they think they need to do something and end up walking away. The problem is that failed memory issues are common in this disease, which makes it difficult for people to return to their home.

This is dangerous because in the winter, many freeze to death because they do not find adequate shelter during the night. If found within 24-hours of the disappearance, the chances are good the person will return home safely; however, half of people not found within 24 hours suffer serious injury or death. This is why it is so important to prevent wandering behavior.

Keeping Your Loved One Safe: Electronic Door Locks for the Elderly

Electronic door locks for the elderly are an easy way to keep entry ways securely locked during the night or while you are away. Packages usually include a knob and keypad. To unlock, someone would have to know the code you have set on the system. Some systems come with a tampering alarm, which disables it for one minute and sounds an alarm if someone enters the wrong code multiple times.

At this site, you can order the keypad system. You can choose between a home and commercial model and they come with a 6-digit code for entry. The site reports installation is easy and should only take you 10 minutes. You can order them in either satin chrome or satin brass to coordinate with your décor. If you plan to enter the home at night, seeing the keypad is not a problem because it lights up.

This model has many of the same features as the above but has the added feature of card access. You can use either a card, card with code, or just a code to unlock. Another unique feature is if someone forces anyone to enter the code, the person enters an additional two digits to sound an alarm or call the police. This could come in handy if your loved one becomes violent and forces you to open the door.

Use your fingerprint to enter into your loved one's home with this model. These doors register fingerprints and pass codes. You can enter up to 1,000 different users so other family members can easily enter.

Other Ways to Keep Your Loved One Safe

If you buy an electronic door lock, don't forget about windows in the home. You can place window alarms on them if you sleep in the home at night. You could also purchase an alert system designed to set off an alarm or call a specific phone number if your loved one leaves the base of the system.

This system includes the base unit and watch. You place the watch on your family member and set safe zones on the base unit. If the family member moves outside of the safe zone, the receiver gives both an audible and visual signal alerting you that the family member has wandered.


By using electronic door locks, you may feel like you are making your loved one a prisoner in his or her own home. Please do not feel this way; what you are doing is protecting your family member from causing danger to him or herself. Many people with Alzheimer's have clouded judgment and can place themselves in dangerous situations. Take care of your loved one the best way you can by ensuring his or her safety.

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Electronic Door Locks for Elderly People