How to Choose Dual Adjustable Beds

Adjustable bed

Dual adjustable beds provide a number of benefits. With a touch of a button, each person can choose a level of comfort that promotes healthy rest.

Quality Sleep Is Important

Stating, "quality sleep is important" may seem like a simplistic observation, but for years, many people, including health care providers, were under the impression that senior citizens did just fine on only a few hours sleep.

Updated research suggests otherwise. The National Sleep Foundation indicates that as we age, our need for quality sleep does not change, but our ability to obtain it does. Older adults face a number of different challenges in their quest for quality rest:

  • Certain medications or dosages interfere with sleep.
  • Health conditions such as menopause, arthritis pain, asthma, allergies, and heart trouble interrupt restorative sleep cycles.
  • Problems with depression, anxiety, and even Alzheimer's have a great impact on sleep.
  • Partners affected by one another's snoring, restlessness, and other factors suffer equally.

Instead of presuming that poor sleep is just another result of the aging process, seniors can seek out new solutions to better sleep. Dual adjustable beds are a helpful alternative.

Why Dual Adjustable Beds May Help

Many people who have trouble sleeping on a flat mattress or have a partner who does choose adjustable beds to ensure both can get a good night's rest.

The ability to elevate the head, chest, and even knees provides relief from many conditions, including:

  • Back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Respiratory problems, including coughing and snoring
  • Heartburn and acid reflux
  • Difficulty getting in or out of bed
  • Swollen ankles and night cramps

Selecting a Bed

Most adjustable beds consist of a platform and a mattress. The platform houses the mechanics of the bed. Many styles will accommodate your existing side rails, frame, and headboard, but it's wise to measure everything first, as each manufacturer sizes beds differently. Factors to consider:

  • Does the unit come with a wireless remote?
  • Will you want a bed with position memory?
  • Is there a support system to aid entry and exit?
  • Is it important to have an adjustable firmness feature?
  • Does the warranty cover all bed components, or only a select few?
  • What is the return policy, and who covers return shipping?
  • Is a mattress trial period available and, if so, what is the exchange policy?
  • Do you want to pay extra for a massage feature?
  • Will it bother you to have a salesperson come to your home?

Styles, mattresses, and other amenities vary widely, but plan on spending approximately $1,000 for a twin adjustable bed to $4,000 for a king-sized model. Some sellers include free shipping, but otherwise, budget an additional $300-$500 for shipping. The average order-to-delivery time is four-to-six weeks.


Many mattress centers have a couple adjustable units on the floor by popular bedding manufacturers such as Sealy, Leggett and Platt, Dormia, Serta, and others. Call a bedding retail store near you to see what models are available. This is a good way to sample the goods and review the features firsthand.


  • Sleep Number offers dual adjustable beds with pressure relief, various cooling levels, and support. Choose from full, queen, king and California king sizes.
  • Absolute Comfort On Sale extends free shipping within a particular product range.
  • Flexabed offers the Flex-A-Bed Premier in twin, full, queen, dual queen, king, dual king, California king, all in various lengths. It also offers a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee. Flex-A-Bed is the only adjustable bed to be 100% manufactured in the U.S. Ask for the complimentary video when you call.

Create a Sleep Haven

The secret to rejuvenating rest is more than just the bed, although that's a key element. If you're having trouble slipping into a peaceful slumber, also consider making these adjustments:

  • Use your bedroom only for sleep and sex.
  • Keep the room dark, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature.
  • Do not watch TV while lying in bed, and do not fall asleep with the TV or radio on.
  • Avoid anything with caffeine after 3:00 p.m. This includes coffee, chocolate, and darker teas.
  • Wake up at the same time every day to regulate your circadian rhythms.
  • Talk to your doctor about a break in your sleep routine.
  • Spoil yourself with fine bedding, including supportive pillows and soft sheets.

Some experts even suggest that if you have sleep trouble, read in another room, and then go to bed only when absolutely ready to lie down and close your eyes.

It takes approximately two-to-three weeks on a new pattern to notice a difference. Keep a record of your activities, what you eat in the latter part of the day, and how many hours you believe you're really asleep. Hopefully you'll notice an improvement in deeper rest and resulting vitality in less than a month.

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