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Dozens of Creative Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Dozens of Creative Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Finding the perfect gift for elderly family or friends can be tough. A lifetime of obtaining items means they may have virtually anything you can think of, and storage space may be an issue. Many times, memories,… Keep reading »

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Senior life can be full and enriching, so live it up! When you're looking for tips and suggestions for how to make the most of your retirement years, a visit to LoveToKnow Seniors can provide you with a wealth of ideas and information.

Dating and Relationships

Whether you are married or dating, romantic relationships in the senior years are important, so get the most from them. The senior times are a time of more relaxed sex, since you no longer have to worry about pregnancy and childbirth, so learn about healthy sexuality in the senior years. If health problems interfere with intimacy, make sure you consult with your doctor.

Senior Life: Let the Fun Begin

The senior years mark some of the best times of life, including retirement, becoming a grandparent and enjoying the fruits of your labor. From retirement humor to lighthearted senior jokes, the golden years are a time to let loose and enjoy life. The channel offers a collection of funny speeches, jokes, quotes and gag gifts related to retirement and senior life.


Maybe you haven't reached retirement age yet, or you want or need to keep working. Whether you need to generate an income or are just looking for productive ways to stay busy, you can find useful information here. You can learn about jobs for senior citizens, find employment interview tips for mature workers and find out about senior citizen vocational training. There is even information on age diversity in the workplace.

Gifts Ideas

With retirement, Grandparents Day, other holidays, and special birthdays, there are many opportunities for senior gift giving. Whether you want something practical or you prefer the sentimental, there are plenty of gift ideas for the seniors in your life. There are even specialized suggestions for men, women and nursing home residents.

Senior Life Tips

Whenever you want to find informative senior life tips, visit LoveToKnow Seniors. New articles are added to the site weekly, so you'll likely find something new each time you return.

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