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Article Highlight: How to Plan for Retirement

It's never too early to plan for your retirement. Whether you're in your 20s or your 50s, financial advisor Kris Miller says it isn't too late to start saving for your retirement. Few people think about retirement… Keep reading »
John Schlorholtz, founder of Ageless Yoga
John Schlorholtz, founder of Ageless Yoga

Who better to provide insight into the challenges and opportunities of senior living than professionals and authors who are experts in the field? LoveToKnow Seniors features a variety of interviews of special interest to seniors and their family members. Interviews published on the channel highlight what today's seniors are accomplishing and experiencing, what they find interesting and services that can help them live fuller, healthier lives.

Expert Interviews on Senior Living

Senior Activities

Many people may be surprised to learn that people over 55 are engaged in numerous activities that challenge the mind, body, and spirit. Dee and Jack Boreing, for example, believe that retirement gives them more time to serve God and people in need. John Schlorholtz helps people of any age and mobility level perform yoga. The National Senior Games provide athletes well into their 80s with competition and accomplishment. From exotic travel to volunteer work, specialized activities to good fun, LoveToKnow features interviews with inspiring seniors who set an example for everyone.

Senior Lifestyle Topics

When you visit LoveToKnow Seniors, you'll also find interviews with experts who are happy to share their tips and advice about managing your finances, improving your nutrition and exploring the wide world of senior dating. The channel even features expert interviews focused on fashion tips for seniors and volunteering with the Senior Corps.

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Visit LoveToKnow Seniors any time you want to find out about what seniors are accomplishing or learn from experts who specialize in working with senior citizens. New interviews are added to the site regularly, so there's a good chance that someone new will be featured every time you return.

Senior Citzens' Expert Interviews