Aging and Health

Aging and Health
Staying active in the senior years

One of the chief frustrations with aging and health is that it is hard to know what to expect. While some seniors can spin circles around an average, sedentary 30 year-old, age-related diseases and conditions are increasingly common. Some age-related conditions can be avoided or postponed, largely by maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Others, whether due to genetics, injuries or unknown factors, require medical attention or a lifestyle change to accommodate.

Age Related Diseases

One illness, perhaps more feared than cancer in the senior years, is Alzheimer's disease. A progressive, disabling condition, Alzheimer's is very trying for both patients and their loved ones. Some strides have been made in prevention, awareness and care. There are even treatment facilities dedicated to the care of patients who have this debilitating disease.

Another common condition seen in the senior years, often beginning in middle-age, is arthritis. Arthritis actually encompasses a wide variety of conditions and illnesses, with some form of osteoarthritis seen in a majority of individuals aged 65 and older. A variety of treatments are now available for managing symptoms such as pain and stiffness.

Active Senior Citizens

Senior living is not all about illness and injury, as it may sometimes seem. Many seniors retain or regain a healthy and active lifestyle and are able to fully enjoy their retirement years. Seniors who want to make the most of their retirement years are well served by seeking preventive health care, participating in exercise and fitness programs, eating a nutritious diet and taking other steps to stay healthy and active.

Good News for Senior Living

Senior living can be a time of reflection but also a time of new beginnings - to accomplish goals, such a travel, writing a book or pursuing a new hobby, things you never had time for in the past.

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Aging and Health