Trends in Baby Boomer Hairstyles

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The term baby boomer is a name given to men and women born after World War II, when there was a surge of births in the United States. Most of this age group is getting into their late 50s and need to pay special attention to their hair to keep it healthy. While there are a variety of hairstyles you can try, it's important to find the perfect baby boomer hairstyle trend to fit your lifestyle.

Variations in Baby Boomer Hairstyles

When Boomers were trendsetters in the 1960s and 1970s, the popular style was for hair to be long, stick-straight with no bangs. If you had curly hair, you could spend hours ironing it, and that was with a clothes iron. Boomers' mothers and grandmothers tended to wear their hair short, a pattern that dates back several centuries whereby a woman, once she was grown up, and especially once she was married, wore her hair up. It was considered inappropriate for a woman whose hair was graying to have long hair, or at least, to wear it down.

Today, women wear their hair in any way they like, so long as they are comfortable, and tend not to care what anyone else may think. Long hair is still lovely, provided it is well-conditioned. Many Baby Boomers are still so active and busy, they find they want a shorter, sassier hairdo that is easier to care for. The classic bob, an asymmetrical bob, even shoulder-length hair that's been chemically straightened -- these are all looks embraced by women who are still fashion-forward and have no intention of stepping back.

Better Products, Better Hair

Many Baby Boomer hairstyles echo aspects of their teenage days with a straight, shiny look. This look is easy to maintain, sexy without being too girlish and flattering. Mature women used to have trouble with thinning, coarsening hair, but Baby Boomer women have access to better products that keep their hair strong and healthy.

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren is tousled at the Emmy Awards.

Products like Aveda, which are more natural, coat and condition the hair and allow it to stand up to the stress of chemical straightening. Home maintenance has become much easier too, with excellent deep conditioning products that allow women to perk up their hair's health weekly without too much fuss or mess. Baby Boomers know that it's worth it to spend the extra money on good products to maintain beautiful hair through the decades.

Wearing Silver Hair Proudly

The fantastic asymmetrical bob with killer bangs that Meryl Streep sported with such aplomb in the hit film The Devil Wears Prada was the pinnacle of high fashion in Baby Boomer hairstyles, more so because it was so proudly, naturally white. Many women are opting out of the time-consuming and occasionally damaging process of regularly coloring their hair. A silver mane, when cut and styled to perfection, can be absolutely stunning. Witness the sexy Oscar winner Helen Mirren and her lightly tousled silvery locks.

Well-kept silver hair actually lightens the face and draws more attention to your features. It can also be an arresting, exotic look. If you're sick of coloring, talk to your stylist about going natural, you might find you look younger and sexier than ever.

Short cuts are often flattering
Short cuts are often flattering

Color Me Beautiful

Since most women do prefer to color their hair, it's convenient that dyes are safer and easier to use than they once were. There are many natural dyes available, such as henna, which has been repackaged for ease of use.

While dyeing at home is cheaper, most women opt to go to a professional colorist, many of whom will use more natural products if you request it. Once you start dyeing your hair, it's preferable to go a few shades lighter than your natural color. This makes roots easier to deal with and generally will look softer and more flattering. You should also consider highlights. A short, spiky style with soft gold highlights shows you're still funky and fun and hip.

Getting older doesn't mean you're not still stylish. Check out these flattering, fresh looks:

Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Any Baby Boomer should place great emphasis on their overall health as they age. A healthy diet and exercise regimen will not only keep the body healthy, but it will keep the hair healthy as well. With the right mixture of hair care techniques and a healthy lifestyle, women in the Baby Boomer generation can keep beautiful and healthy looking hair longer than ever before.

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Trends in Baby Boomer Hairstyles