List of Assistive Products for Aging Seniors

Good Grips Button Hook
Good Grips Button Hook

In the past, the only aging assistive products available to help senior living were for basic mobility. Canes, walkers and wheelchairs have been widely available from medical supply houses. For daily tasks, seniors had to rely on another person to help them with many basic dressing, bathing and cooking activities if their eyes, legs and hands could no longer perform the necessary functions without pain. Now, however, a plethora of aging assistive products are on the market from dressing fasteners to needle threaders.

Assistive Products That Are Available

There is now a wide variety of aging assistive products available to help people regain their independence and confidence. You no longer have to go to a medical supply house to find what you need. Mainstream retailers like Sears and Bed, Bath & Beyond carry cooking and bath accessories. and Radio Shack carry big button remote controls and telephones. Cell phone companies are starting to carry cell phones and payment plans designed for seniors' needs.

At the Computer

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Kantek Monitor Magnifier

Microsoft reports that two-thirds of adults will have trouble using their computer due to vision, hearing or dexterity impairments once they reach their 50s. Microsoft has developed a Guide for Aging Computer Users with numerous tips on how to adjust your computer to make it easier to use.

There are a wide variety of products available to help you whether you work or volunteer in an office or from your home office:

Insurance Reimbursement

If you or a family member are having trouble with everyday activities, talk to your doctor. They will be able to recommend an assistive device. Be sure to ask your doctor for a prescription for the device if you plan on seeking reimbursement from your insurance company. Medical plans will provide reimbursement for prescribed mobility aids such as wheelchairs. They often provide reimbursement for smaller daily living aids, too, such as bathroom assistance items.

Reliability Is Key

Your safety, or the safety of your loved one, depends on the reliability of the products purchased. Be sure to purchase high quality, well-constructed products from reputable retailers. Don't hesitate to return the item if you think it is unsafe or poorly constructed. When searching for products online, read customer and expert reviews to check for hidden issues or unexpected benefits of that particular brand and model.

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List of Assistive Products for Aging Seniors