Adaptive Games and Activities for Senior Citizens

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Adaptive games and activities for senior citizens allow those with physical or cognitive limitations to enjoy a stimulating and active life.

The Importance of Remaining Active

Many senior citizens experience medical problems and illnesses that make taking part in favorite games, hobbies or activities difficult. They may have difficulty with mobility, limited dexterity or reduced vision. Their mental capacities may be affected by cognitive decline resulting from illness or disease such as Alzheimer's Disease.

By adapting activities and games to the needs of their limitations, many seniors are able to enjoy the health and social benefits of staying active. Depending on the person, the benefits may include:

  • Mental stimulation that keeps the mind fit and challenged
  • Reestablishing recognition skills
  • Enhancing the senior's memory
  • A healthier and longer life
  • Social interaction and friendships
  • Lower rates of depression
  • A reduction in muscle and joint pain

Adaptive Games and Puzzles for Seniors

Everyone loves playing games, and many all-time favorites are adapted for seniors with limited dexterity or reduced vision. However, when choosing a game or puzzle, make sure it will not be frustrating to the senior. It is also important to choose games, puzzles and other activities that are appropriate for adults.Card games are enjoyed by people of all ages. Using playing cards with large printed numbers makes it easy for seniors. The Senior Store offers adapted large print playing cards that are the regular size with numbers that are 1-½ inches big. To make it even easier to recognize the cards, each suit is in a different color. These E Z See Bicycle player cards are available in pinochle or standard bridge decks. Tabletop card holders will hold a hand of cards spread out in a fan style.

The Senior Store also offers:

  • Jigsaw puzzles with large pieces that are not only easy to see, they are easy to hold and handle. These puzzles are perfect for seniors who are visually impaired or suffer with limited dexterity from arthritis. In addition to these puzzles, the company also offers several jigsaw puzzles with extra large sized pieces.
  • Large print Bingo cards
  • A suduko puzzle book in large print
  • Large print word search puzzle

Adaptive Games Online

For seniors who love playing games on the Internet, there are many websites that provide games, puzzles and activities that are accessible to people that are blind, visually impaired or have low vision.

  • Blind Gamers offers popular games and puzzles such as:
    • Suduko
    • Boggle
    • Word Target
    • Uno
    • Solitaire
    • Cribbage
    • Hearts
    • Chess Challenge
  • GMA offers games that are fully accessible including:
    • Pacman Talks
    • Trek 2000
    • Lone Wolf
    • GMA Tank Commander

Arts, Crafts and Hobbies

Most arts and crafts are easily adapted for seniors with special needs. For example, seniors who love creating things might enjoy working with polymer clay or using large size tiles in a mosaic project. Someone who loves painting can work with a larger sized brush, or enjoy the fun of finger painting.

Additional arts, crafts and hobby ideas that are easily adapted for senior citizens with special needs include:

  • Seniors who love needle crafts can use thicker yarn and larger size knitting needles or crocheting hooks.
  • Use adaptive gardening tools to create a tabletop or container garden. Choose garden tools with long reach handles or easy grip handles that are angled to relive discomfort and strain.
  • Fishing enthusiasts will love Vans EZ Cast for seniors that have limited arm or hand movement.

Where to Find Adaptive Games and Activities for Senior Citizens

Don't let limitations stop you from enjoying fun pastimes with friends and family. Adaptive games and activities for senior citizens provide many hours of enjoyment.

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Adaptive Games and Activities for Senior Citizens