Hairstyles for Silver Hair

Short Layers with Long Bangs

Many of today's seniors are choosing hairstyles for silver hair that look both beautiful and youthful. Whether your hair turns a beautiful silver color on its own, or it has a little help from your hair colorist, the look is gorgeous and growing in popularity.

A short layered haircut with long bangs is a great look to show off a beautiful long neck. The wispy long uneven bangs play down a high forehead and frame the face playfully.

Medium Length Layers

Silver hair that is straight with natural body looks wonderful cut into short to medium length layers, parted on the side with sweeping bangs. This hairstyle draws attention to the eyes, making them look even more beautiful.

Long waves

Gone are the days when seniors only wore short hair styles. Long locks look great on women of all ages. Long silver hair with gentle waves pushed away from your face is a classic style. Long hair gives you the option of pulling it back or wearing it in an updo.

Silver Hair Fullness

This hairstyle gives balance to the face with gentle volume on the top. Using a round brush when blow drying gives it added fullness.

Classic Bob

A classic bob is a hairstyle that never goes out of style. A bob can be cut in a number of different lengths. If your hair is silver or white avoid discoloration by using a clarifying shampoo once a week.

Short and Sophisticated

A hairstyle for silver hair that is neat and sophisticated is very short straight hair cut around the ears with a side part.

Short Tight Curls

If you have naturally curly hair, a short cut is the perfect hairstyle for you. Wash, towel dry and add a little leave-in conditioner and you are ready to go. Always use products made for your type of hair.

Loose Layered Waves

Silver mid-length hair cut into long wavy layers is a flattering style that highlights the best features of your face. The look is easily transformed from playful to glamorous.

Shoulder Length Loose Waves

Long silver loose waves look soft and attractive. Use your fingers to create a casual tussled look.

Gentle Soft Curls

Loose gentle curls soften your face, are easy to maintain and look attractive on women of any age. Use a light mist hair spray for added hold.

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Hairstyles for Silver Hair