Arts and Crafts for Senior Citizens

Senior painting a canvas

More and more seniors are discovering the rewards of finding a new hobby or rediscovering a pleasurable craft from their past. The difficulty isn't finding a craft to pursue, it's trying to decide which one to try because there are so many choices.

Popular Arts and Crafts for Seniors

Many crafts are suitable for a range of abilities. Seniors can choose the ones they find the most comfortable and enjoyable.

One-Stroke Painting

Many seniors are discovering the relaxing and creative hobby of one-stroke painting. With a few simple techniques, it is easy to create beautiful flowers, unique designs, butterflies and birds. One-stroke painting is simple to learn by following the illustrated instruction books by artist Donna Dewberry.

Polymer Clay

Projects that involve working with polymer clay are a wonderful choice for seniors who suffer from limited dexterity in their fingers or hands. As they work and soften the pliable clay, they also exercise their hands and fingers while creating useful or decorative objects including:

  • Pens
  • Vases
  • Pins
  • Holders for pens and pencils
  • Beads
  • Bowls


Garden mosaic

Many seniors find that creating mosaics can be a great pastime. They can work with small or large pieces, depending upon their level of dexterity as well as their eyesight. The mosaic can be a planned design, or it can simply be a colorful abstract.

Mosaic projects that seniors enjoy making often include:

  • Flowerpots
  • Picture frames
  • Mirror frames
  • Small tabletops
  • Trivets
  • Garden stepping stones


Photography is a wonderful art for seniors. Taking pictures of everything from people to flowers also provides ready resource material for other crafts. Use the pictures to make collages, specialized stationary, or even begin scrapbooking.

Faux Stained Glass

This craft mimics the look of stained glass, but it's far simpler to create. Any senior who loves to paint could pick up this craft in no time. Artists can draw freehand on the glass if they want to, but they can also choose to trace a design if they prefer. Special glass paints are used to create black outlines and fill in the areas between those outlines to create real works of art.


Senior painting a ceramic vase with apples

With ceramics, seniors can create fun works of art as well as useful everyday items like mugs, bowls and pottery for gardening. They can choose to glaze their ceramics if they really want to get into the full hobby, but many people simply like to stain bisque ceramics with acrylic paints and seal them with an acrylic spray sealer.


Beading is one of those hobbies that seniors can keep simple or make as complex as they want. They can choose to make cute crafts with plastic boondoggle cord and pony beads, or they might like to get into full blown jewelry making if they find they truly love beading.

Many More Crafts to Explore

As interesting as these arts and crafts are, there are so many more from which to choose. Knitting, crocheting, candle making and painting are a few more options to consider. Remember, there's no law against having more than one hobby, so seniors can try out any arts and crafts that interest them and continue with the ones they like best.

Arts and Crafts for Senior Citizens